How an Excellent Customer Experience Can Increase Your Revenues

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A lot of businesses who aim to grow overlooks customer service and customer experience. They tend to focus more on capturing leads, thinking that this will be their gateway into growing their business. Indeed, it can help them grow their business. However, it is not the only way to achieve your goal.

Have you ever went to a grocery store to buy something and then not finding it? You probably asked the cashier whether the item that you’re looking for is still available. Now, how would you feel if the cashier answered you with a simple ‘I don’t know’? Chances are, you will get furious, walk away from the store and promise yourself never to go back to the store ever again.

If the cashier answered you more politely, you will most likely be pleased and will come back to the store every time you need something. Giving your customers the service that they want will make your customers come back to you.


Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t disregard customer service:

  1. It Increases Customer Satisfaction

If you are wondering why you should increase your customer satisfaction, here’s the thing. If your customer satisfaction is high, it implies that you have given your customers what they want. If other people can see that your customers are satisfied with your products and that you listen to them very well, they will most likely use it too.

Being able to deliver what your customers want, increases their trust for your brand. If this happens, they will buy more from you. As a business owner, you have to know that your customers determine the future of your business. Without them, your business would not grow, and if it won’t grow, it will be closed down.

Let’s say, you have a cafe and your customers want you to serve sandwiches. You will have to do your best to look for ways to serve these sandwiches in your cafe. You don’t want your customers to be walking away from you and look for other cafes that serve them.

One way of finding out what your customers want is through conducting a poll or survey. This way, you will know what your customers want and deliver it to them.


  1. Turn New Customers Into Loyals

Another reason why you should have excellent customer service is to convert your new customers into loyals. Creating a remarkable experience that can impress your customers, guarantee that they will be back to do more business with you in the future. This includes your new customers.

Think of your customer experience as a cupcake. If the cupcake is salty, there’s a huge chance that you won’t eat that same cupcake ever again. However, if the cupcake is delicious, not too sweet nor too bland, you will certainly come back for more.

When it comes to businesses, it’s essential that you can create a good impression on your customers. Making a good impression affects your customer’s trust for your brand. This impression doesn’t only refer to delivering a high-quality product. It also refers to how you deal with them. If a first-time customer gets an unpleasant experience from your brand, this customer will no longer buy anything from you. However, if you gave them an excellent customer experience, they will definitely come back and will be willing to make business with your brand.


  1. Free Word of Mouth Advertising

We all know the best form of advertising isn’t done on the internet or television, it’s from your customers themselves. The word of mouth advertising is a very powerful tool that can turn a stranger into your customer. However, the word of mouth is difficult to achieve, especially if your business doesn’t have an excellent customer experience management strategy. This is because people today no longer trust advertisements. They need to have the validation of a third-party before they believe the brand.

This is why testimonials and reviews have become a thing today. So how is this connected to customer experience? If you can meet your customer’s expectation with the service you have given, as well as the quality of the product you sell, customers will provide you with good testimonials, and share their experience to their friends and family.

This may sound simple; however, getting your customers to trust your brand that they are willing to share your brand to others, is a difficult task. This is where Marketing Automation comes in. With marketing automation, it’s easier for you to communicate with your customer. Through this, you can establish their trust for your brand. There is a lot of CRM Software in Singapore that can offer you this— and much more. Infusionsoft by Keap also allows you to keep your customers’ information in one place, so it’s easier for you to give them relevant emails.


  1. Builds Customer’s Trusts

Another reason why you should give your customers, an excellent customer service, is to gain their trust. This has been repeated throughout this whole blog, and it will be repeated once more. The reason for this is that building a good relationship with your customer is essential. With a well-established relationship, you can quickly gain more customers without having to spend hundreds of dollars for one lead.

So, how are you going to build a relationship with your customer? Through personalisation. With the help of CRM Tools, it’s easier for you to personalise your customer’s experience with your brand. By knowing which topics grab your customer’s interests, you can then send them emails and contents that they find interesting.

Let’s say, you own an online clothing shop, and you have this 1 customer who has not bought anything yet, but is continually checking out your Statement Shirts section. You can send them an email about statement shirts to make them want to buy your shirts more.


Final Thoughts

One sure way to grow your business and increase your revenues is through customer experience. If you give your customer a good product and match it with exceptional customer service, you will have your customer coming back for more. Which is why it’s crucial that you place customer service as one of your priorities, rather than to place it last. Remember, your customer is the centre of your business. If your customer is happy with what you have given them, they will most likely stay with you throughout.

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