ScaleUp Banner with a background Image of a people having a meeting and a text "Customer Experience Management: An Effective Strategy In Four Steps"
ScaleUp Banner with a background Image of a people having a meeting and a text "Customer Experience Management: An Effective Strategy In Four Steps"

Customer Experience Management: An Effective Strategy In Four Steps

February 8, 2019 CRM Software, Customer Relationships, infusionsoft by Keap 0 Comments

Curious about Customer Experience Management? How it helps in retaining customers and establishing loyalty? Don’t know where to start? It’s simple. The idea is to raise customer loyalty by creating everlasting relationships with your customers. It’s all about the interaction a customer experiences with your company.

It’s as simple as receiving customer support on a raised query, post-interaction surveys, updating and replying to social media posts, email outreach, live chats, or even browsing your business site in real-time.


The Customer Experience Journey

People are wary of brands. They wouldn’t risk to try and trust a brand, not unless they’re already a user or someone they know recommends it. But these ‘people’ are your customers; they’re the market of all businesses. They’re one of the most valued assets of a company, which serves as the bloodline that supports and keeps a business running.

Brands create strategies to impress and pique the interest of these people. Good results are proven to be marginalised sales through word of mouth and referrals, which increases leads and prospects- and, of course, the loyalty of the customers. In a way, they connect you to everybody.

Brands have their own unique creation of a customer experience journey. Discovering how your customer interacts with touchpoints is a crucial aspect to take part in to formulate and deliver a consistent and more personal experience.

It first starts with an inquiry, where leads begin to research and ask about your product or service. It may be through an interaction with a touchpoint. A touchpoint may come to your customer as an ad, a product’s rating or review, your business site, or any retail experience.

It helps a business plan and prepares what to serve the customers ahead all throughout their customers’ life cycle. For instance, a customer may be directly checking out your business site or through a third party. It could also be through word of mouth, leading to queries. After answering their queries, they compare you to several brands’ who seems to offer more of the same product or service as you, ensuring they get what they really want.

Then, they make the purchase. This stage is where your prospect becomes your customer. Thus, prompting the customer service department to do an installation that’ll help the customer, if a product needs to be physically implemented or a follow-up. It’s a significant process to build rapport with the customers and build brand retention.

Here are four easy steps of customer experience that best practices for your business.  

You can observe customer loyalty and retention through existing customers and new leads. It’s important to keep track of customer satisfaction to assess whether the strategy is successful or not. You can observe if the strategy proves to be effective if there’s an incremental increase in your customer retention. But, how do you deliver a great customer experience?

Step #1. Understanding your customer’s preference.

Brands who perceive the importance of customers, who know their customers well, have no problem in making an extraordinary customer experience. Being more attentive of customers, collecting customer data is getting apprehension of customers needs or preferences to deliver a more personalised experience.

Your first step in creating a strategy for customer retention is to understand your customers’ needs and behaviours and creating customer segmentation. You can observe various responses. These responses give you leverage in segmenting them based on such similar buying behaviour.

You should be attentive of what your customers are interested in or what their preferences are because if you put your customers as your priority, your customer loyalty improves and creates advocates because of the personal and valued buyer interactions.

There are a minimised churn rate and an increase in your revenue due to incremental inflation of sales from existing customers and referrals from word of mouth. It strengthens your brand personality because of the differentiated experiences.

Step #2. Personalising all customer interactions.

Companies have to identify the channels their customers are active to reach out and plan an effective strategy easily. Channel flexibility and accessibility is a prerequisite to experiencing the effectiveness of your customer experience strategy fully.

A customer experience strategy is effective after it achieves to increase customer retentiveness. Brands who put their customers at the centre and is smart to use the responses of each touchpoint stand out from their competitors. An indication that a distinct and a calculated manner of interacting with your customers get you good results.

On top of that, a calculated strategy considers the customer’s viewpoint on their purchase and service convenience.

Step #3. Developing an emotional connection.

To establish and build a strong relationship with your customers, you have to elicit emotions that stir and inflicts a deep impression. Your brand may raise awareness on a currently pressing issue or supporting a cause that develops a favourable view of your brand image and sets you apart from your competitors.

Buyers experience multiple touchpoints throughout their customer lifecycle journey. They interact with brands through a third-party that is plausibly from different channels.

The ideal action for a business to take is to be flexible on switching channels without completely compromising the established customer experience. Create a personality for your brand that can entice and engage responses from your customer to your company.

Step #4. Gather your customer’s feedback.

After you’ve established a customer relationship, it’s a crucial point to keep track of your customers’ perceptions. Getting customer feedback helps your company monitor and determine whether your strategy is effective or not. Using a marketing automation software, such as infusionsoft by Keap, eases the task of this job.

You can get real-time feedback from customers through email outreach campaigns, surveys, product reviews, and other mediums that creates an interaction with the customers.   

After you’ve had a thorough understanding of your customers, you can use that as your basis to make an even deeper connection and more personal. The collected data you have of your customers can be used to your advantage to enrich a customer-focused service action.

But what is its difference to customer service? They aren’t really that far apart. In fact, customer service is only one part of the overall customer experience.

Customer Service is more reactive and only comes into play if a dissatisfied customer contacts the company. In this case, you only take action once something goes wrong, but not beforehand. While Customer Experience, on the other hand, is more proactive. Businesses can step in and optimise the customer journey before any customer dissatisfaction arises.


Final Thoughts…

Nowadays, customers hold more power and choice. They carry more presence on the success of brands more than ever before. People are instinctively self-centred, if they find that they’re not paid attention or feel that they’re not important, they feel alienated. Thus, you should be more proactive in providing a more personal, timely and insightful message to retain customer loyalty.


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