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header image of the blog title "The Impact of CRM System Integration In Today's Marketing" with two persons discussing in front of a laptop while holding documents

How CRM System Integration Puts You On Top

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In today’s digitally advanced world,  getting your brand to be known online takes a lot of effort and hard work. Marketing is now reliant to the internet. It’s now made out of a lot of factors that can complicate your make your entire operations. Fortunately, there’s a solution that will simplify all of these complexities: CRM System Integration.

CRM systems are the answer to the sophisticated online marketing scheme. It helps simplify your online operations and help manage your data efficiently. Most platforms are easy to set up and use. CRM Singapore platforms like Infusionsoft by Keap and Salesforce are great assets to have when operating your business online. They provide ample amounts of convenience and control over your business operations. So with all, that’s been said, how much does a CRM system help elevate your business? A lot, to say the least.

CRM & Its Growing Relevance

According to Pardot, over 90% of businesses are already using CRM systems to automate their marketing online. CRM systems have become a standard requirement for marketing due to the amount of convenience that it provides. It has a unified approach, featuring all the essential things that you need in one software. While there has been talking about CRM as only a relevant tool for big-name companies, it’s actually suitable for every business, big or small. With competition growing steadily, businesses need to find ways not only to outperform their rivals but also have a means for simplifying their business operations so that they can also have the extra time to do other things.

With a CRM platform, time is less spent, and efficiency is a guarantee. Pair that with integration and you’ve got the perfect combination to make your online marketing campaigns as effortless as it can. Here’s how CRM systems supplement your brand and create effective programs that let your business grow and flourish online.

Integrating CRM System

With a potent CRM system, you’re able to communicate with your current and potential customers on a consistent basis. The way you approach customer management can either make or break your business. That’s why it’s important to pay close attention to how you keep in touch with your target audience. With CRM, you can automate your communications process and save time while maintaining a good relationship with your customers. CRM systems contribute towards the development of loyalty and patriotism of your customer to your brand. What’s best is that you won’t even have to exert much effort to achieve this milestone. All you need is an effective marketing plan and a CRM software to stage everything. CRMs are programmed to manage your customer data and turn it into useful, actionable insights that can propel your business to new heights.

Here’s a head-to-head comparison between using CRM and not using CRM:

With CRM System

Here are some perks of having CRM Systems in the middle of your business operations:

  • A CRM system automates your online marketing campaign.
  • It helps manage your contacts and keep track of each one, so you are updated with your customer’s status.
  • You can use it to interact with your customers via email marketing or through messenger chatbots.
  • It easily updates your records and gets access to the latest information on the status of your campaigns.
  • A CRM lets you recognise marketing opportunities and provide your sales team with leads, all while information is still fresh.
  • It also provides you with other features like website optimisation, landing page creation, and data management.

With a CRM system in place, you are on poise to grow your business with minimal effort needed.

Without CRM System

Without a CRM System, your online marketing campaign can make your online operations harder than it already is. Here are some struggles that you’ll encounter:

  • Some of your customer data – particularly your inactive or “cold” list – will not be taken care of. They will get lost or will be forgotten completely.  
  • Your email marketing will be inconsistent; your emails will not be sent on time and emails that you receive from your customers will not be responded immediately.
  • Phone calls will not be followed up immediately.
  • Manually operating your business means losing a large chunk of customer data once the employee who’s holding essential customer information decides to leave.
  • Determining your ROI will be a struggle.
  • You will spend another extra time training New Team Members on how to do manual operations when you could’ve just familiarised them with your CRM system and be over with it.
  • Project coordination will be a mess.

By looking at this comparison, it’s easy to conclude that not only does CRM make your operations simpler, but will also make your business operations more efficient. The traditional way of marketing online is no longer practical or ideal. Boost your business and make your life easier with CRM.

Key Features of Integrating CRM System

CRM system integration ensures business efficiency and accuracy. It provides you with one central place where business can store your customer and prospect data, track your interactions with them, and share information with your colleagues. Key features of a CRM system includes the following:

1. Managing Your Contacts. All the latest information about your existing customers from your contact details are readily available for access and update.

2. Managing Your Leads. CRM system enables you to track online activities, tasks and target audience, all in the convenience of one software.

3. Forecasting Your Sales. This feature allows you to forecasts your reports. It enables you and your salespeople to:

  1. get better visibility over the channels of distribution;
  2. qualify your market research and make it more accurate, and
  3. let you see how close you are to reaching your quota.

In this manner, your sales manager can use these reports to motivate and manage your employees.

4. Instant Messaging Between You & Your Employees. The functionality of instant messaging is very timely and relevant to this modern generation. With CRM, asking and answering your queries within your organisation is made easier and convenient. Managers can check in on their staffs, and your employees can inquire for instant feedback or support when in need. Basically, with a single CRM system, you can unite your company.

5. Tracking and Integrating Email with Outlook and Gmail. A CRM system improves email marketing productivity. It lets you sync your clients’ emails instantly, allows you to have a complete view of your customers and leads without logging in and out from different systems. In addition, calendars and contacts can be viewed in any device, and with just a single workflow, your emails can be created and managed.

6. Sharing File and Content. As mentioned, you and your team members can upload and download to or from a centrally stored location, where you can instantly share with your coworkers.

7. Dashboard-based analytics. This is where your company’s information is collected and presented. A CRM features meaningful dashboard displays that are interactive and can be customised based on individual priorities.

Final Thoughts

Every organisation needs a CRM system to achieve full marketing automation dependence. With a CRM in place, you can support your sales management, deliver your relevant insights, integrate with social media, establish a strong email marketing strategy, and enable team communication. CRM allows your business to have a better chance to stand out in the market and attract your target customers with your efficient approach to marketing.

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