header image of the blog title "Improve Customer Retention With These 5(Five) Ways Using Marketing Automation" with a background of a man wearing a corporate attire extending his both hands palm up with icons of people above it
header image of the blog title "Improve Customer Retention With These 5(Five) Ways Using Marketing Automation" with a background of a man wearing a corporate attire extending his both hands palm up with icons of people above it

5 Ways to Improve Customer Retention through Marketing Automation

April 10, 2018 Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

Most marketers would claim that the key to achieving online marketing success is an effective online marketing strategy and marketing automation. But when it comes to long-term success, any business owner knows that the key has always been customer retention.

We’ve all been taught how once a lead converts from random prospect to a new customer, majority of the hard work is done. Converting a customer is much harder than retaining one. However, if you want that random customer to become a loyalist of your brand, you need to go the extra mile. To convince a customer to purchase from your firm again, keeping in constant contact with them will give you an advantage. Fortunately, we have marketing automation to cover that up.

Tips To Improve Customer Retention Using Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a useful tool for retaining customers – that’s if you or your company knows how to do it. Choosing the best automation tool is a good start. Every marketing automation software has its pros and cons, so it would be advantageous if you choose only the best. Once you’ve selected your ideal software, you should then put it to good use. If you are wondering what this tool could do, here are three ways you can use your marketing automation, especially for your customer retention efforts.

Personalizing Experiences

It has been stated so many times – customers don’t like being nagged or feel like their being forced to purchase a product that they’ve yet to be familiar with. According to the latest survey, 78% of customers prefer buying from a company that recognizes them by their name and reaches out to them in a more personalized approach.

Using marketing automation will enable you to create personalized customer profiles. In the case of customer retention, you already have a firm idea of what each of your customers is interested in purchasing. The data that you have will enable you to hone in on future purchases a lot more closely. By monitoring the purchasing habits of your customers, you will be able to recommend products that they may find useful accurately. Big-name e-commerce companies like Amazon and eBay have been taking advantage of this strategy for years. It’s not too late for you to start doing the same thing.

5(five) standing view of bodies wearing jeans and different top clothing, this is an example of personalization to improve customer retention


Drip Marketing

Marketing automation can give you a hand with your drip marketing. Automated drip marketing lets you send scheduled emails, making follow-ups easier to facilitate. Drip marketing email can either be behavior or time-based. Based on past customer behaviors, you can send cthe ontents of your new products or services and other information that they may be interested in.

You can also automate your drip to thank your customers for their purchases, thus, making the customers feel your gratitude for their activity – one effective strategy for customer retention.

view of laptop with graphs and information on its screen and a left hand holding a tablet with a calendar on its screen, this is an example of drip marketing to improve increase customer retention



One of the most effective and full-proof methods of retaining customers are loyalty rewards. Marketing automation can let you segment your customers according to their purchase frequencies and send insider-only or loyalty rewards to them which can be exclusive discounts or free shipping or whatever your marketing team can think about.

a top view of laptop and tablet facing each other with hands on it and things related to gifts, this is an example of rewards to retain customers


Nurturing Brand Advocates

A happy and satisfied customer that talks about your product online is considered as the strongest social proof that benefits your brand. Its a precious asset for converting leads into potential buyers.

An efficient way to implement marketing automation for customer retention is by sending out a survey right after every purchase. The survey should contain the customer’s satisfaction, demographic and other relevant information that is filled out voluntarily by the buyer. You can also reach out to customers that initially left a great review, offering them the opportunity to leave their personal rating on other websites as well. A simple reminder such as that will give happy and satisfied customers a low-pressure chance to patronize and advertise on behalf of your brand.

a man wearing a corporate attire giving "thumbs-up" sign using his right hand, this is an example of brand advocacy


Lead Scoring

Any business that scores its leads for sales can use the same techniques and principles for customer retention purposes. Lead scoring is considered as one of the most robust features of a marketing automation suite, so use it to grade your existing customers and see which ones deserve the most of your attention.

Your company will likely utilize all the data accumulated from every point of the funnel to identify the main points, the best type of content and messages that have convinced prospects to become customers. This will help you retain your current customers, as well as convert new ones in the future.

image of crew wearing blue green while serving customers, this is an example of lead scoring

Marketing automation is currently the go-to strategy for effective online marketing. You and your business shouldn’t shy away from the current meta. Always keep in mind that your current and previous customers require the same amount of attention as your hot leads and potential prospects. With these useful marketing automation practices, you can keep your previous customers coming back for more. Don’t have a CRM Singapore software yet? Contact us now!

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