header image of the blog title "4 Key Selling Points For Pitching Marketing Automation To Clients" with icons relating to marketing automation software inside the gears
header image of the blog title "4 Key Selling Points For Pitching Marketing Automation To Clients" with icons relating to marketing automation software inside the gears

4 Key Selling Points for Pitching Marketing Automation to Clients

August 24, 2017 Email Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

Potential clients don’t right away comprehend the benefits of implementing marketing automation for their business. They commonly use a “frankensystem” of different marketing tools and strategies to reach their bottom line. When you pitch them the idea of using marketing automation, they feel overwhelmed when you start talking about its features and benefits.

Key Selling Points For Selling Marketing Automation Software

This blog is to help you understand better the main ways on how marketing automation can boost a company’s revenue. This list of 4 points to discuss when convincing a client to get marketing automation.

1. Marketing automation eliminates cold calling.

With the implementation of marketing automation in a client’s sales operations, the team will have the capability to nurture leads at the top of the sales funnel until they are ready to be re-classified as an unqualified lead which should be removed from the list of prospects or a lead that’s qualified for sales. With tools that are capable of nurturing leads and tracking them, a sales rep can view each interaction a prospect has had with a brand. This is vital information to have in boosting your sales team’s performance. With the ability to easily classify leads, sales teams will only contact prospects who fit the business buyer persona.

2. Marketing automation shortens the sales cycle.

Nothing is more frustrating than a prospect giving you a soft “maybe”. You have put a lot of effort into researching the lead and you reached out to them to establish a relationship. You then had to slowly build trust to be able to offer your company’s services as a solution to your lead’s problems, and then you’re hit with a “maybe”. For salespeople, the frustration is severe. The majority of us prefer getting a hard “no” because at least we know not to pursue the lead anymore. Time is a very precious commodity in the business world, and one of the selling points of marketing automation is the capability to reduce the time to close a sale. Once you let marketing automation takeover your lead nurturing strategy, you then can jump in for the sale.

3. Marketing automation gets you the most of email marketing.

Stay connected with leads and your customer base with automated email campaigns. Email marketing is vital for your business because it’s how you can cheaply market your content and services/products. Email blasts don’t work well like they used to. With the use of marketing automation tools, you can easily personalize your emails and send them to specific people you intend to target. You can also take advantage of email segmentation tools to help you get a better quality email list. To add, it’s also possible to know what times are best to send emails and which types of messages get to read the most. This is all possible with the marketing automation tool’s built-in analytics.

4. Align your marketing and sales teams.

When marketing automation is correctly implemented, it’s easy for your sales and marketing teams to work together. Your sales team will be able to spend more time actually selling, and your marketers will have more tools for them to quantify and track the effects of their marketing efforts. Both sales and marketing will be able to use the marketing automation tool at the same time to make sure that they are working towards a similar end goal.

So when it comes to pitching marketing automation tools to clients, you shouldn’t think that the product speaks for itself. You should at least do a demo.

In many cases you should make sure that the lead is listening to the right story, and that you should communicate clearly the benefits and not just the features of the software.

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