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Important Keystones You Should Incorporate in Your Welcome Email

June 6, 2018 Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

Whenever you go on a date, you make sure you’re dressed appropriately. You double check that you’re not underdressed, or overdressed. You don’t want your date to say something bad about you, no way. After all, first impressions matter. This is why you should not take your welcome email lightly.

What is a Welcome Email?

A welcome email is the first email your subscriber receives, right after he or she subscribes.

What is the purpose of a Welcome Email?

Remember the first impression? Welcome Emails help leave a positive impression on your subscribers. Because of this, welcome emails have a higher engagement and open rate than most emails you send in your email marketing campaign. So, why don’t you take this is an opportunity to establish trust with your subscriber.

Aside from that, your welcome email should be able to:

  • Present your business to your subscribers.
  • Present the benefits your customers will get

So, what should your email contain before it gets sent to your new subscriber?

4 Keystones Your Welcome Email Should Have

1. Your Goal must be Clearly Stated

Although your subscriber may already be aware of your primary goal for them, it is important that you state it clearly in your welcome email.  This will reassure your subscribers that they made the right decision— to sign up for your business.

It’s not wrong to remind your subscribers why they signed up. This will serve as a reminder for your them.

After stating your primary goal for them, the benefits of the subscription can come after. These benefits must be related to your primary goal to strengthen your goal and that you’re doing this for them.

2. Fill Out the Profile Information

After reminding them why they signed up, encourage them to maximize the use of your products and services, but first, they must be complete setting up their profile. This is one of the vital parts of your welcome email.

What is this information that needs to be completed?

  • Profile Information
  • Setting Up the Preferences

After getting this information, you can input them to your Customer Relation Management System. You can even use them together with your email campaigns and marketing automation software.  All of these, to give your subscribers a good shopping experience.

Your goal here is to get your customer to complete filling out their profile information. Choose to use a call to action button that is noticeable. This way, your subscribers will complete filling out their profile information.

3. Add Helpful Sources

As mentioned above, to give your subscribers a satisfying experience, you must provide them helpful information that may help answer their questions. You can either place your FAQ page, product demonstration, and tutorials, or blog post that will clear anything questions and concerns they have.

Keep in mind that our main goal for this welcome email is to have your subscriber complete their profile information. If in any case, you will also have a CTA button for this section, make sure that it will not be obvious as the other one.

4. Give Your Business’ Contact Information

Make sure that your subscribers will be able to contact you for their questions and concerns. Although you have already given them possible answers to their possible questions, there will always be circumstances that call for your help. Make sure to be there whenever they call for your help, you don’t want your subscribers unsubscribing and going to your competitors.

Build a connection with your subscribers and establish their trust. Make it easy for your customers to contact you.

To sum it all up, your welcome email should contain information that will serve as a guide for your new subscribers, but keep in mind that this email should make your subscriber feel welcomed. Don’t have a CRM Singapore software yet? Contact us now! We’ll be glad to walk you through the benefits of using Infusionsoft CRM and how it can help your business.

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