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Marketing Automation Software Review: Infusionsoft

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We understand how marketing automation means a lot to you as an online marketer, so we want to help you choose the ideal software for your business by introducing some of the most notable tools. We are starting a weekly series entitled ‘Marketing Automation Software: Infusionsoft Review’ wherein we are going to highlight some of the most popular and in-demand tools for marketing automation today. To kickstart this program, let’s begin with one of the oldest marketing automation tools that a multitude of marketers still use today: Infusionsoft.

What is Infusionsoft? The Infusionsoft Review

Infusionsoft CRM is a marketing automation software that has been in business since 2001, a time when marketing automation was a benefit that only Fortune 500 businesses can acquire. It managed to survive throughout the years and remain relevant despite the rise of other more prominent marketing automation tools. It continues to gain a lot of attention with its amazing features, ease of use, and convenience.

With over 25,000 active users, Infusionsoft is made for small-scale businesses. Infusionsoft has over 300+ apps available in the marketplace, which enables marketers to connect the software with a wide variety of tools that you can use to automate your marketing campaigns more efficiently.

Infusionsoft CRM Software is a “Jack of all Trades” kind of marketing tool, wherein it has all the necessary features for any marketer to pull off an amazing and efficient online marketing strategy.

Learn More About Infusionsoft CRM


Here are some of the Infusionsoft features:

  • Marketing and Sales Automation
  • Small Business Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • E-commerce Pages
  • Built-in Analytics
  • Campaign Builder
  • Payments

With its features, Infusionsoft is best suited for small market businesses with a strong customer base.

Pros & Cons

Infusionsoft Review – Here are the Pros and Cons:


  • UI – Infusionsoft has a fantastic user interface. Their trademark campaign builder makes it easier to craft even the most complicated marketing campaigns.
  • Above Average API & Integration – With over 300 apps found in its marketplace, their integration and API will enable marketers to connect the tool to a multitude of third-party automation tools.
  • Scalability – Infusionsoft makes use of universal tracking, making it easier to monitor a contact’s actions and behavior across multiple channels.
  • Built-in e-commerce feature – Infusionsoft is one of only few marketing automation software that offers order forms, fulfillment, inventory tracking, and payment processing, directly within the tool.


  • Kickstart fee – Infusionsoft charges an initial payment of $1999. For a marketing automation tool that focuses on helping small business, its initial cost can really put some potential customers off.
  • Zero native integrations – Despite it featuring 300+ apps, Infusionsoft does not have native integrations with other third-party tools. What’s worse is that many of these apps require additional costs.
  • Deliverability rate Issues – Some of the leading automation tools allow users to create dedicated IP addresses for email marketing purposes – a function that is non-existent on Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft is a solid piece of marketing automation software. And it only contains a small number of flaws. It has an amazing user interface for building automation campaigns, making it super easy to use.

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