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Optimising Your Email to Boost Its Open Rate via Email Client Market Share

August 15, 2019 CRM Software, Email Client Market Share, infusionsoft by Keap, Marketing Automation 0 Comments

When it comes to increasing your open rate, you should know the most used email clients and their respective Email Client Market Share. This way, you can optimise your email for these devices. 

We have gathered a reference list for you, for the top 10 most used email clients for June 2019.

Top 10 Email Clients with their Email Market Share (as of June 2019 by Litmus Email Analytics)

  1. Gmail ⬆️1 – 29%

Since April 2019, Gmail has taken the lead for the global email market share and has remained in the position up until June this year. As for the June 2019 statistics, Gmail has gathered a total of 29% from the 813 million emails opens. Making it the world’s most popular email client. 

  1. Apple iPhone ⬇️1 – 27%

Apple took the lead for the global email market share from January to March has dropped its ranking on April with Gmail as the lead. This arrangement has remained true until June 2019, with the gap widening as the months move forward. 

  1. Outlook ⬆️2 – 9%

Outlook had outranked 2 of the top email clients from a year ago, which are Apple iPad and Apple Mail. As of June 2019, Outlook has snatched 9% from the 813 million opened email.

  1. Apple iPad ⬇️1 – 8%

Apple iPad’s open rate went down, which has caused its rank to drop. As of June 2019, Their email market share is down to 8% as compared to last year’s result, which is 8.37%.

  1. Apple Mail ⬇️1 – 7%

Apple Mail’s email market share for June 2019 is higher than the June 2018 result, which is 6.79%. However, during September 2018, Apple Mail’s email market share rose up to 7.96%. Unfortunately, the figures rent downhill after September 2018. June 2019 email market share for Apple Mail is now at 7%.

  1. Yahoo Mail ⬆️3 – 6%

Yahoo Mail’s rank went up by three, outranking Google Android, Outlook and Samsung Mail. Its email market share in June 2018 is down to 1.4%. However, it skyrocketed to 13.03% in July 2018. It then slowly went down since then. As of June 2019 Yahoo Mail has a total of 6% email market share.

  1. Google Android ⬆️1 – 3%

Google Android’s email market share rose by 2.38% in June 2018 into 3% in June 2019, outranking Outlook by 1%.

  1. Outlook ⬇️1 – 2%

Outlook’s rank this year went down by around 1%. June 2018, Outlook had an email market share of 2.99%, this year, however, the rank is down to 2%, which can be estimated to 1%. 

  1. Samsung Mail ⬇️3 – 1%

This year, Samsung dropped at least three ranks as compared to last year. For June 2018, Samsung Mail’s email market share is at 3.73%; however, for June 2019, it has been down to 1%. 

  1. Thunderbird ⬆️1 – 0.49%

Thunderbird’s email market share last June 2018 was only around .01% however, with June 2019’s email market share, it went up to .49%.

Optimising Your Emails for the Top Email Client — Gmail

Gmail has recently updated its Promotions Tab section. Now, business owners who use email marketing from Singapore or anywhere in the world will have more marketing opportunities to stand out on their subscriber’s inbox. In addition to that, Gmail’s email client popularity is still increasing. This is why if you’re using Marketing Automation or CRM such as Infusionsoft by Keap Singapore, you should consider this email client important.

Here’s how you can optimise your email for Gmail:

  • Check Your Email Rendering

Make sure that your email looks great both GSuite and Gmail— or any email client. It’s a way to avoid any confusion on your subscriber’s end. If your subscriber understands your message and is interested in what you’re offering them, they will click the links on your email.

  • Use Promotional Codes

With Gmail’s Promotions Tab, you’ll have more opportunities to stand out in your subscribers’ inbox. One sure way to land on the promotions tab is by displaying a featured image, promotional code, or a deal expiration on your email.

  • Make Your Email Dynamic

Use AMP on your email to make it dynamic. This way, your recipient will be able to engage and interact with your emails. Once you’re done, make sure that you test your email out. Check whether the email looks and behaves the way you want it to. 

Optimise Your Email for Multiple Devices

Most people today own at least one or two devices and uses them daily. It’s a crucial step that you optimise your email for a lot of devices to ensure that your recipient will read it the way you want it to. There are three ways your recipient can read your email. These are through:

  • Mobile

  • Webmail

  • Desktop

Although the mobile, open rate fluctuated this year, it clearly remains to be the most popular device to read and open emails. 

Open Rate Per Device

image of a blog "Optimising Your Email to Boost Its Open Rate via Email Client Market Share" line graph

  • Mobile

    The open rate for the first quarter of 2019 is at 41.9% as compared, which is a bit higher than the second quarter of 2018’s results, which is 41.4%. However, the open rate for mobile rose during the third quarter to 41.5%, which continued through the fourth quarter, reaching a peak of 43.4% before it went downhill. The result for the first quarter of 2019 is still better than last year. 

image of mobile open rate graph

These mobile opens are led by Apple’s iPhone with about 28.4% of mobile opens are from iPhone followed by Apple’s iPad with a 9.3% open rate with Google Android’s 2.3% as the last for the first quarter of January 2019.

  • Webmail

Just like the mobile, open rate, webmail also fluctuated this year. It started with an open rate of 44.3% during the second quarter of 2018 down went down to 40.5% during the third quarter of 2018. This is followed a 39.9% in the fourth quarter, and the result persisted through the first quarter of 2019.

image of webmail open-rate graph

For the first quarter of 2019, Gmail outperformed Yahoo and Outlook, gaining around 26.2% compared to Yahoo, who only had 6.6% and Outlook who only has 2.4% for this quarter. 

  • Desktop

The desktop has the least percentage of open rate, starting from 14.3% during quarter two of 2018, followed by 18% in the third quarter of 2018. It then went down to 16.7% during the fourth quarter then rose up to 18.2% during the first quarter of 2019. Although Desktop is labelled least for opening emails, it improved from 14% during quarter two of 2018 into 18.2%, which is a huge increase. Most of these opened emails are from Outlook. 

image of desktop open rate bar graphDuring the first quarter of 2019, Outlook had a 9.2% open rate and is followed by Apple Mail, which is at 7.8%. Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird come in last with both having a 0.50% open rate. 

Final Thoughts

You can use this information to increase the open rate of your emails, by testing its email rendering to multiple email clients and devices, adding promotional code and making it dynamic, you can increase the chances that your email will be opened. With a high open-rate, you’ll also be increasing your click-throughs and conversion. 

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