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header image of the blog title "How To Get Access To Common Infusionsoft Reports and Searches" with over-the-shoulder shot of a person typing

How To Get Quick Access To Common Infusionsoft Reports and Searches

July 17, 2017 Features, infusionsoft by Keap, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your time is limited. And when you use Infusionsoft, clicking around getting to the areas you need to work in can take up a lot of time. To avoid taking unnecessary clicks, there are 3 ways to improve navigation, saving you time and frustration through Infusionsoft reports.

How to Quick Access To Common Infusionsoft Reports & Searches

What’s the scenario here? You’re running a business, and you’ve got a lot to do. Clicking around in Infusionsoft CRM Software takes too long when you know where you want to go, and you just have to take extra clicks to get there.

There are 3 places you can add custom links to improve navigation speed:

1. My Nav

scale up marketing infusionsoft my nav

If you click edit under my Nav, you will be able to then drag and drop any items in the navigation over to the left-hand side. In that left-hand column, under my Nav, you will notice now that there are (x) on the right-hand side, next to all the items there. You can delete them from my Nav and drag and drop any item from the rest of the main navigation and drop them into my Nav. You will notice some items on the right are greyed out because they have already been added to my Nav. 

This gives you quick access to some of the things you want to access all the time right there in the main navigation. It’s always accessible from any page in Infusionsoft CRM.

2. Main Nav Itself

If you go to admin, and then go to settings, and click on main nav in the left-hand column. You will find an area where you can add, custom saves searches and saved reports to the main navigation.

So for all the main record types; contacts, company records, orders, etc., you can create saved searches for these records. Once you create those saved searches, they will show up on the available searches box on the left. If you select them and click the arrow to move them over to the right, you will be able to add them to the selected searches area.     

scale up marketing infusion soft searches and reports

Once you added all the searches you wanted to add to your main navigation, and you added them to the selected searches box on the right, you can scroll down to the bottom and save when finished.

scale up marketing infusionsoft saved reports

Once you do that and go to the main menu, you will notice under main contacts that there are saved searches that show up under the contact menu. Also, under reports, any saved report I have added to the main nav is now available in the main Navigation here. So again this helps you get quick access to any of these commonly used saved searches and reports.

Now let’s move on to the favorites area in the menu. This area is utilized by any saved search or saved report. Once you go to a saved search, you can click on the options tab and go down to add favorites.

3. Favorites

scale up marketing infusionsoft favorites

Once you’ve done that, it will pop open a little window. You can select the link category and give it a name. Then down below, select who gets this added to your favorites list. This is really nice because if you’re familiar with the dashboard, you know that the dashboard cannot be customized for another user.

In order to adjust the dashboard itself, you have to log in as that user to change anything on the dashboard. But with the favorites lists, you can add a favorite for any of the other users in your Infusionsoft account.

scale up marketing infusionsoft access your favorites

Once you hit save, you go to the little star which represents favorites in the main menu. Then you will see all of your saved searches there under the categories that you have specified.

If you click on the edit link or the star itself, you will be taken to a page that you can manage those favorites. You can delete them, you can change the order of them etc.

So I showed you 3 different ways that you can adjust the navigation in your Infusionsoft account. I hope this helps you get to the things that you need to access faster and get to save yourself more time.

For more Infusionsoft reports tips and tricks check out MyFusionHelper’s blog. They are an Infusionsoft CRM Singapore service provider just like us.


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