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header image of the blog title "Revitalize Your Inbound Marketing Strategy With A Customer Avatar" with a background image of three animated person having no identity

Change Your Point Of View! 5 Reasons Why Creating A Customer Avatar Improves Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

May 28, 2018 Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

Any inbound marketing strategy expert will tell you, that the key to getting it right is making a content that sinks into your customer’s bone. Your social media posts, and what you write in your blogs should ring the very fibers of their body (and their pockets). Now, establishing a strong customer connection is hard, an anything-can-lah content will not work, you need to be specific, and relevant in your copy. But, how can I make my copy relevant? You might ask. Easy, create your customer avatar

Why Creating Customer Avatar Improves Inbound Marketing

Here’s why making one is vital and helpful to not just your inbound marketing strategy, but to your overall marketing techniques as well.

1. It gives you a clear Target

A customer avatar is basically your ideal customer. That type of customer you want to sell to, and the one who needs your product the most. By having this idea of who you would want to sell your product to in mind, you can then create great bullseye campaign that hits its target all the time.

This is possible because a customer avatar is simply a person, note it’s not persons but a person. You personally, and indirectly sell to through your content. Think of an archery training field; it has one target with a big bright red at the center. You won’t see multiple targets but only one because let’s admit it, you can’t hit five targets at the same time with just one arrow.  And that is similar to your product, having an ideal buyer gives you the clarity of having a target that you can appeal to.

Here’s an excellent example of the efficiency of having a clear target, than having none at all. You make an awesome liquid absorbing pad that you decide to turn into a diaper; now, if you don’t have a target you’re going to end up trying to sell this diaper of yours to everyone. Who in our society lah is most likely to use diapers? You have probably two answers babies or adults who have a hard time going to the potty by themselves. Will healthy businessmen need your diaper? No. Get the point?

2. It gives a more in-depth analysis of your buyers

Having an ideal customer allows you to create better marketing profiling,  having a definite target makes profiling easy. From the example above, let’s say you decide to sell a baby diaper, now you have a target market that you can apply segmentation to. Who will most likely buy baby diapers? Moms rights? (Well, there are dads who buy them too) But a majority of your buyers are mothers. So now you have an image of who will buy your product. You can now analyze your targeted buyer better.

  • What are her fears?
      • What could she be worried about when it comes to baby diapers?
      • What would most likely freak her out when it comes to baby diapers?
  • What kind of product does she wish for?
      • What would she wish was available in a diaper?
      • What could impossible innovations she hope for?

By knowing just the mere fact that she’s a mom, you can do a better research, and deliver a relevant marketing content. You won’t need to worry about lead scoring because your newly created product aims at problems moms face, and it will advertise itself. And add to that your good content page material, and social media integration, and you have better inbound marketing strategy.

3. It allows for more marketable outputs

You waste your time in your lab designing a product and find out that it gives a solution to a problem no one considers as a problem. If you have a customer avatar, then developing a product will be meaningful because you will be tackling real-life problems that no one has a solution to. It promotes innovation not just in your output, but also in the content.

4. It improves lead capturing strategies

Since you have a clear target, you are now aware of the possible places in social media and websites that they usually hang-out in. By being conscious of these things, you’re able to anchor your lead scoring best practices at the right places, at the right time. This makes your sales funnel management task so much easier to deal with because your content does its job of promoting itself and nurturing your leads.

5. It allows for brand growth & recognition

If you are able to meet the needs of your desired customer, then you will be able to build a trustworthy name for yourself. And your brand will get the recognition you dream of, at the same time open a bigger target market for you. Building small but stable steps in business beats a rushed and disorganized strategy every time.

Inbound marketing strategy is daunting and will be intimidating if you don’t have a clear target and goal to reach. Creating a customer avatar gives you that target and purpose that you need to achieve. A product that sells itself, will always topple a product that has so much advertising but offers so little. So wake up your idea! Create your customer avatar now. Don’t have a CRM Singapore software yet? Contact us now! We’ll be glad to walk you through the benefits of using Infusionsoft CRM and how it can help your business.

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