header image of the blog title "Know the Right Time to Replace your Marketing Automation Software" with a background sideview of a laptop with a typing hands
header image of the blog title "Know the Right Time to Replace your Marketing Automation Software" with a background sideview of a laptop with a typing hands

When is the Right Time To Replace Your Software for Marketing Automation?

September 5, 2017 Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

When is the right time to replace your marketing automation software?

Maybe you have been using marketing automation for a quite while now, yet for some whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with how it works. A lot of times, you experience a lot of problems which hinder you from reaching full productivity with your business operations. When marketing automation software is not working quickly or is incapable of the automated tasks you manage then you can not effectively do your job.

Marketing Automation Software Issues

When you ever experience any of these problems, it is an indication to switch to another marketing automation provider or CRM software provider.

Slow-downsa brown snail crawling on a bark, this is an example of a slow marketing automation software

Do you notice each time you use your marketing automation tool, it slows down or crashes? When you browse a new page or access something, but it feels like you are waiting for minutes for it to load? Most of the time the computer or internet connection is not the problem. It could be the software and you can’t afford to waste time.

Freezinginternal code on the screen indicating a system failure with dark background, this is an example of a freezing marketing automation platform

This is even much worse than slowdowns when the software altogether freezes or even crashes. You then have to restart your browser each time which stops you from getting the things you need fast.  Whether you are composing an email sequence or making posts for social media, it’s very frustrating each moment the system crashes.

Lost items or information.a topview of a girl feeling frustrated looking at her laptop screen with a notebook on her right side, a phone and eyeglasses on her right

If you have to restart your software for marketing automation and when it loads all the things you were working on is suddenly all gone. Now you must re-do everything you have just lost like the campaign templates,  emails, or contact categorization again and again?

Do you often lose your contact data time and time again, do you often need to manually email customers to input their debit/credit card details again? This is not only detrimental to your business’ reputation, but also a pain for you to constantly deal with. With your busy work days, nobody has the time to deal with such problems.

Consistency and formatting problems.sideview of a frustrated man wearing a white polo facing his laptop screen, this indicates lost of information using marketing automation system

An indicator that you need to replace your automation tool is when you cannot get the formatting properly on anything. Every single time when you change something, it does not save properly and things are messed up.

Perhaps you are making the layout for landing pages and it doesn’t fit with the website’s theme. Even if you did everything properly. Or even problems such as the software is not displaying the same stuff that your workmate is seeing on his screen. Now, how do you transmit to your customers the correct message when you are not able to collaborate on a single task?

You cannot.

Why do you think this is happening?

The examples are only possible setbacks you may notice with your marketing automation tool. However, these are clear signs that something is wrong with the software. There are times that it might be the software itself is not designed to manage many contacts. It could also be that there are too many of your staff are using it at the same time.

It could be that maybe it is not compatible with the web server you are using, or it could be that it is just been a while since it was last updated. Whatever is causing the problem it is clear that you are not getting the technical support you need. Whatever that is due to the software itself or the B2B company that is providing the software (without the needed additional assistance).

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