header image of the blog title "Things To Avoid In Training Your CRM Automation System Trainees" with an overhead shot of laptop, tablet, scattered papers and hands holding papers on a wooden table
header image of the blog title "Things To Avoid In Training Your CRM Automation System Trainees" with an overhead shot of laptop, tablet, scattered papers and hands holding papers on a wooden table

4 Training Errors You Should Sidestep When Teaching Your New Employees On How To Use CRM Software In Singapore

May 21, 2018 CRM Data Management, Lead Nurturing Programs, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

If you own a company that is the CRM Automation Software, chances are you have a lot of trainees at your helm. And these trainees are currently undergoing your company’s training program, and there is a big possibility that you’re committing these four mistakes in CRM training.

CRM Automation Software Business Training Mistakes

Here are the following training mistakes to avoid when you have CRM Singapore automation software business:

Not Doing A Needs Analysis

Any CRM software developer in Singapore knows that everything you do must be knowledge-based, not just in your management but also yours.  As a CRM Software developer in Singapore, you the value of a knowledge base system, not only in your management but also on your platform. You understand this whole knowledge base platform concept, but when it comes to real life application you lack the action to do so. You go on building your ideal CRM training, but you fail to analyze the needs of your trainees. That’s like teaching them how to fish when they already know how to. Instead what they needed from you was to learn how to cook the fish they caught. Not doing a needs analysis is unproductive and a waste of your time. So before you conduct your next training make sure you analyze first the needs of the people you are about to train.

Not Allowing Them To Practice

Okay, you know their needs, and you trained them accordingly but here’s the catch, you don’t allow them to practice what they learned. Studies show that trainees lose 90% of the skills they learned during the first year of training. Imagine all the hard work you’ve invested go into waste! Prevent this by allowing them to put into action all that they learned from your CRM Training.

Not Giving Them Feedback

When you were a child, you learned your mistakes by being told so, the same goes for your trainees. If they make a mistake tell them, and if they do a good job praise them. You shouldn’t leave them in the dark not knowing if what they are doing is okay or not. Remember, when these trainees finish your training time, they will join your workforce! Do you want an underperforming employee at your helm? You should give feedback in the same way that you use CRM and marketing automation integration. These two are vital processes, right? Think of your comments and suggestions as to the same.

Stone Age Training

Stone age training, you know that sort of training you give that uses pen and paper, instead of training them on the latest CRM software application available in Singapore. Let’s take for example a tool like Infusionsoft CRM; it needs training and guidance before you can use it. But instead of teaching them how to you the device you show them how to use MS word and Spreadsheet to check your clients. You instruct them to do the job manually. There are a lot of CRM vendors in Singapore! Why would you do a brick and mortar training if you have advanced technology in your hands?

What all this boils down to is, attend to your trainees’ needs and help them grow from neophytes to grandmasters. Your company’s CRM Software success depends upon it.

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