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header image of the blog title "Give A Better Customer Experience with 10 Tips For CRM & Marketing" with a laptop and a hand holding a card

10 Ways You Can Improve Your Customer Experience For Your CRM and Marketing Strategy

May 23, 2018 CRM Data Management, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms 0 Comments

In today’s CRM and marketing world, customer experience is all the rave. You can’t attend a seminar without it being mentioned. And marketing advisors out there can’t reiterate enough the reasons why you should be focusing on improving your customer experience.

Here are three pros of focusing on giving great customer experience:

  • Increases your lead scoring – an interactive and friendly page not only attracts more visitors, who in turn become leads.
  • It makes your Sales Funnel Management a lot easier – constant interaction with your customers not only give valuable feedback but it also tells you where they are in your sales funnel.
  • Improves Your Lead Conversion – an excellent customer service not only attracts more visitors to your site, but it also raises the conversion of these leads into buyers.

Ways to Improve CRM and Marketing Customer Experience

Giving an exceptional customer experience to your visitors sure has benefits for you and your business, and here are ten ways you can improve yours:

1. Have empathy, patience, and consistency in your customer service skills

Throughout the span of your business life, you will be encountering different kinds of customers. Some will be hot-headed, some chatty, and some just love asking questions. But no matter what type of customer you face remember to be empathetic with their needs. Be patient with them when they are too whiny, and last but not the least be consistent with how you treat them. Don’t be nice one day and a snob the next, be consistent.

2. Have Clear Communication

Make sure that what you say to your customers is what you actually mean. No one wants a swindler, so be clear. State facts and always practice honesty. If your site gives a 20% off a product when a customer subscribes, then make sure that you give the 20% off. Don’t give false advertising. And give correct and adequate detail to any product you promote or sell.

3. Be Adaptable

Learn to handle surprises, not every customer you face will be the same. Do learn to adapt to your customer’s needs but never resort to giving false information just to sell a product. Dishonesty will get you nowhere.

4. Practice Work Ethics

Focus on solving the problems faced by your customers and not the amount of money you will lose from recalling a faulty product. Have some ethics in your work, and cultivate good time management skills. Don’t entertain a customer for hours when you have ten more waiting in the line.

5. Analyze Your Key Touchpoints

Know how your customers have gotten wind of your product. Have a survey and ask them. Did they find out about you through social media? Or through testimonials? Was it by word of mouth or by advertising? It’s important that you know how they learned about your product, that way you can strengthen your influence on these areas.

6. Identify A Common Ground

Gather all the information you have about your customers, and get a common standing point. Which people have similar complains about a certain service? By doing this, you can solve your problems faster. Use a CRM knowledge base platform that way you can easily store customer data and retrieve it when the need arises.

7. Practice Active Listening

Make your customers feel that they are heard. Be humane in treating them and address their problems by making sure you actually understand what they’re upset about.

8. Acknowledge Your Mistakes

If you did something stupid acknowledge it. And if you found out about the problem before your customers do, make sure that you address these and tell your customers that there is a problem. Don’t try to cover it up, if you made a faulty product then do a recall. Don’t turn a blind eye to it.

9. Build on Trust

Remember that all relationships should be built on trust, and not lies. This is vital for creating a good lead generation marketing strategy. If your customers don’t trust you, how can you expect new visitors to your site to trust you as well?

10. Do a Follow-up

After you have solved the problem make sure that you check-up on your customer afterward. This lets them know that you’re on their side. Thankfully software like Infusionsoft CRM, which you can find in Singapore, can make doing follow-ups an easy task.

CRM Singapore system, make it easier have better customer experience by having all data at a reliable platform. Now the only thing you have to do is tap into these systems. Be better at handling your customers by being great at CRM and marketing; a don’t forget to throw in ethics and good value while you’re at it.

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