header image of the blog title "Find Out The 5 Causes of an Unproductive CRM Systems in Singapore" with a city view shot of high buildings
header image of the blog title "Find Out The 5 Causes of an Unproductive CRM Systems in Singapore" with a city view shot of high buildings

5 Reasons Why Your CRM Systems Fails To Convert Leads in the Singapore Market Scene

May 25, 2018 CRM Data Management, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

Using CRM systems in Singapore is all the rage these days, and it’s not a surprise with benefits that range from better lead generation marketing, and lead scoring to more effective sales funnel management. Why wouldn’t you use them? But here is the catch, you bought the software. You have it installed, and you wait for the monies to start rolling. Just like all those blog posts you read promised right? Days passed, and then weeks, and then MONTHS! Still, you don’t see a change in your lead capture and you start pulling your hair asking what the heck is wrong? And maybe even thinking that you have been scammed. Hold your horses before you start yelling at CRM developers and sites who promote CRM Singapore software.

5 Reasons Why CRM Systems are Screwing Up

  1. Your Sales Rep are Sloths – you have the tool. It’s powerful, and it can change the fate of your business but then the hands holding it, move slower than a turtle. They can’t move as fast as your new software. So what will you do? Fire your whole sales team? How about this monitor their work. Check if they’re fast enough with interacting with potential leads and if they’re not, teach them.
  2. Your team doesn’t know how to use it – a CRM software is useless if the people you assigned to it are not using it. And if they are using it, they might not be utilizing the tool to its full potential. This can happen to CRM systems that are too complex for normal humans to comprehend. You have two solutions to this problem, one conducts a training seminar and has an expert teach your team how to use the software. Two, replace the software with an easier to use one that’s on the same level as your team’s mental grasp.
  3. Your attracting the wrong leads – your aim is to make a sale, it doesn’t matter if your whole website is attracting a lot of attention, if it fails to make a sale then it’s useless.  Grab the attention of money spending people, who when they visit your site will buy what you sell and not spam your comments area. If you’re selling quality blinds then appeal to parents, to grandparents and adults. Don’t appeal to high schoolers. Know your market.
  4. You lack quality content – no matter how great your system is, if your site has crappy content then you will never make a decent sale. Take a good look at your site and ask yourself if I visited this site as a customer will I buy anything? If you, yourself won’t buy your product then it’s time for a site makeover. Ask for a professional opinion about what works best for improving your lead generation marketing.
  5. Your team is not using a knowledge-based platform – we are all for intuition because there are times when it can help you, but when it comes to business, trusting your intuition is a big no. You have a software that can gather customer information efficiently, make full use of it. Have your team depend on a knowledge base platform instead of trusting what their gut tells them.

Good marketing and customer management are not all about the software alone. Even if you have the best CRM software in Singapore, you won’t become big without a well-trained team and great content. Have coordination in all aspect of your business, and watch as your CRM dreams become reality.

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