Marketing Automation System – 8 Statistics That Explain Why Your Business Needs One

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If you’re a marketer who hasn’t considered acquiring a marketing automation for your business, chances are, you are falling behind the rest. A good marketing automation tool can help a business engage with its leads and customers a lot better. You can customize your marketing efforts and maximizing overall influence.

As a marketer, you’ve probably had a background about what marketing automation is. It has also been changing the entire marketing landscape for a while now. While you acknowledge the immense potential that marketing automation offers, concerns regarding its cost might be still be lingering through your head. You also highly consider whether or not marketing automation is ideal for your business.

Worrying about costs, as a marketer, is pretty natural. You should also know that you are not alone in this fear. Although many enterprises have been adding marketing automation ever since most small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) have been lagging behind. A main reason for the hold in adding a marketing automation system is the belief that it is way too expensive for most SMBs to take.

However, the significant returns that marketing automation can bring to a business apply just as much to small-business customers as they do to big-time enterprise customers. There is also a multitude of available options that can be suitable with even the smallest of budgets. As you decide whether or not your business needs MA, consider reading through the following eight statistical data.

Why Your Business Needs Marketing Automation System

These stats not only emphasize the advantages of marketing automation, but it will also prove that your business also needs MAS to maintain a consistent edge in today’s market industry.

1. 79% Of Marketers Rely On MAS In Boosting Their Revenue.

This is probably the biggest and most obvious one. A good marketing automation tool can increase your revenue through many different methods. It can help generate more leads, keeping you in touch with your customers, along with ensuring that you are tracking the progress of your campaign.

Marketing automation can also improve sales productivity by roughly 14%, along with also lowering overhead expenses by 12%. That’s a significant difference between what was supposed to be a subtle change.

2. 75% Of Businesses Using MAS Achieved A Positive ROI Within The First Year.

This data address the biggest problem that most marketers are worried about: cost. Many SMB owners are skeptical when using marketing automation system because they are afraid that it will only be additional expenses to an already tight budget.

However, though we can all agree that having a MAS is a bit costly, we are overlooking the fact that it has the capacity of paying for itself in the long run. Even if it can potentially increase your overhead expenses, it would still be worth the cost since it can bring in a ton of new customers on a daily basis.

The new leads and potential customers that you acquire will compensate for the cost of the system even during the first year alone. However, also keep in mind that there will definitely be setbacks and frustrations ahead. But remember that it’s only the first year. You will see great returns from your customers for every year, all thanks to marketing automation.

3. Companies Using MAS Produce Twice As Many Leads.

Email marketing remains the most efficient way of generating and nurturing potential leads. While blast emails have effectively been used ever since in reaching potential prospects, its overall effectiveness wears off fast compared to the results provided by automation. By increasing the amount of generated leads, marketing automation can bring in more leads, and if conversion is successful, it can result in additional customers and a rise in profit.

Additionally, effective marketing automation isn’t just about luring new customers into your brand; it will also keep your customers happy, satisfied, and of course, loyal.

4. Well-nurtured Leads Spend 47% More Than Non-nurtured Leads.

Marketing automation allows you narrow-target your current leads so you can make tailored content that will fit your leads. This will make your customers happier and more engaging to your business and what you offer. As a matter of fact, when a well-nurtured lead turns into a happy, well-informed, and satisfied customer, they will spend 47% more than what they normally would. Now that’s what we call a profit booster.

5. Well-nurtured Leads Bring 50% More Qualified Leads, Cut Down Costs By 33%.

 While getting more out of your customer base is great, we can also agree that every business intends to grow and profit more. However, we also need to address the fact that acquiring fresh leads is quite expensive. It’s harder to bring in leads without an adequate nurturing strategy.
Instead of grabbing unqualified leads and forcing them into your sales funnel, marketing automation will allow you to nurture your leads, along with and persuading them without having to spend way too much. This will give you 50% more leads, at 33% less for each.

6. Companies Using MAS Experience A 451% Rise In Qualified Leads.

Incorporating marketing automation system in your marketing campaign will allow you to spend more of your time nurturing your prospects. You can also educate and coax more and more leads all at once, without it having to take all of your precious time.

This would mean you will be able to turn more of your prospects into leads, while also converting these leads into qualified ones. By using MAS, your prospects will engage with your sales funnel, equipped with better knowledge of your business, and a clearer idea of just why it is important to them.

7. Companies Using MAS Will Result In Conversion Rates Of Up To 50%.

Having a marketing automation system will open up a whole new avenue of communication and engagement with your customers. You can also follow up on potential leads with automatic responders, personalized correspondence, and even birthday greetings.

This will keep you constantly reaching out to your prospects and customer base, boosting their overall trust in your business while also improving your conversion rates. If you are having difficulties closing things out with prospects, you might want to automate a lot more.

8. 63% of Companies Outlast Their Competition By Using MAS.

All of the stats that are given will add up towards providing your business with a significant advantage over other competing companies in your industry that are managing their marketing campaign the old way. To put it into perspective, about 60% of businesses are earning more than $500 million per year using marketing automation systems, while only 3% are making less than $5 million a year. From these numbers, it’s pretty clear that marketing automation is a tactic that big-time companies are taking full advantage to benefit them in the long run.

Hitting Two Birds With One Stone

As what the above data and statistics indicate, having a marketing automation system will not only help your business in growing revenue but will also cut and negate costs. You get the benefit of both worlds, all in one strategy. Moreover, getting started in using marketing automation system doesn’t have to mean blowing up your company’s marketing budget. There are plenty of available options that you can try. Just remember that whatever options you will take, whether it be for a high-level enterprise or SMBs, everything will be worth it in the end. So again, if you are not a using marketing automation system just yet, best start using it to its fullest potential.

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