blog title "How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign that Flies" a background with a header of a desktop circled with four people
blog title "How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign that Flies" a background with a header of a desktop circled with four people

How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign that Flies

March 6, 2019 Email Marketing, infusionsoft by Keap, Marketing Automation 0 Comments

People who own a business know the importance of email marketing campaigns in their business. They know how valuable email marketing is when it comes to attracting new customers as well as taking care of their current ones.

But just because the internet shows impressive numbers on email marketing and how much it can increase revenues, it does not mean that everyone who uses email marketing will immediately get the results they wish to have, in some cases email marketing campaigns do not fly.

If your marketing campaign lacks at least one crucial element, chances are, it will fail.

Come and think about it, while you sit and wait for the results of your marketing campaign, the fact that your time and money is being wasted as you wait still remains. Yes, when it comes to email campaigns, a lot of waiting is involved, but if your previous email marketing campaign failed and you did the same exact thing with your current one, then you’re going to be heading on the same path as your previous ones. So why not try to revisit your previous email marketing campaigns.

BitBounce says that the average rate for Email Marketing Return of Investment is 3 800%, that’s $38 return for the dollar you have invested. And this should be your goal. So, if the results for your marketing campaign does not impress you, you may be lacking some of the elements of a Marketing Campaign.


What are the Elements of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

  1. Segmented Emails

You may have seen this suggestion almost every email marketing campaign tips, and that is because segmentation is that important. You might be living under a rock if you didn’t know about email segmentation. Gone are the days where you make a one-size fit all email and send it to everyone in your contact list. This email marketing strategy will no longer work especially because people are already aware of email marketing.

There are 4 types of email segmentation:

  • Demographic Information

This is where you segment your contacts by their demographic information namely their educational attainment, age range, marital status, occupation, income, and gender.

  • Geographics

This is where you segment your contacts according to their location, either their town, city, or country. Geographical segmentation is ideal for email campaigns that target to gain leads from a specific location.

  • Behaviours

This is the type of segmentation where you group together people who have the same buying patterns, spending behaviours, as well as interaction with your business. CRM Software from Singapore, namely Infusionsoft by Keap, have this feature. Putting a hotness meter on the contacts based on their engagement with the email you sent.

  • Psychographics

This where you segment your contacts by their psychographics, namely,  lifestyle, social class, personality and interests.

Through email segmentation, personalising your emails will be a lot easier.

  1. Knowledge with Metrics

What’s the use of metrics if you don’t know how to analyse them?  Knowing what the metrics mean with your previous marketing campaign can give you an idea of what you should do with your next marketing campaign. Do not focus on your last marketing campaign and its performance, think past the spreadsheets and reports. Analyse them and ask yourself why your marketing campaign gave you these metrics.

Say, for example, you had a webinar a month ago, and you plan on having one 2 months from now. You can use the metrics for the campaign for your previous webinar. Analyse it, look for its loopholes, and improve it. You want to make sure that your upcoming campaign for your webinar outperforms your previous one.

Remember, use your previous campaign’s weak points to make improve your future email campaigns and the only way to determine your weak points is through analysing its metrics.

  1. Connection with the Audience

Your audiences are your current customers and your prospective customers. Now, what would happen to your existing customers if you don’t communicate with them? What do you think would be your current customer’s reaction if you no longer connect with them? They will feel unimportant, and chances are, they’re going to switch brands— and you don’t want that.

The same goes with your prospective customers, if you leave them by themselves, make them feel unimportant, then they will never become your customers. Now how do you connect with your customers? That is through communication. And that’s not just a basic email format that was purposely created for the sake of communications.

Talk to your customers as if you’re their friend. You wouldn’t merely exchange a simple ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’ to your best friend, would you? You talk about things you both care about. The same goes for your customers. They want to know more about you, and the benefit they can get from you. Which why it is essential that you give your customers personalised emails rather than a one size fits all. Not only will it increase your engagement rate, but it will also boost your click-through rate as well as your conversion rate.

  1. Automate

Every successful email campaigns are automated. You don’t expect successful people such as Neil Patel to operate his email campaign manually. He leaves all the tough work to an email marketing software of his choice.

Automating your campaigns may sound like a tough job. Sending your emails at the right time and such, however, it’s a lot simpler than what you think. Software from Singapore such as Infusionsoft by Keap makes email drip campaigns or any marketing campaigns a lot easier.

The good thing about automation gives you a lot of breathing room for all the analysation. That’s one job off from your shoulder.  This means that you’ll have a lot of time to plan how your email campaign should go.


Final Thoughts

Marketing campaigns through email may not be easy. Making your marketing campaign successful is not easier. However with the right mix of email segmentation, metrics analysation, communication with your audience, and automation, then you’re off for a good start with your marketing campaigns.

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