blog title"6 CRM Myths You Usually Hear That Are All False" a header with a background of a man wearing violet longsleeve in front of a laptop with two cellphones on a wooden table
blog title"6 CRM Myths You Usually Hear That Are All False" a header with a background of a man wearing violet longsleeve in front of a laptop with two cellphones on a wooden table

6 CRM Myths You Usually Hear That Are All False

March 12, 2019 CRM Myths, CRM Software, Customer Relationships, Email Marketing 0 Comments

In the world of high-speed internet and digital innovation, it’s not a surprise to hear numerous CRM myths floating around. If you’re still new to Customer Relationship Management (CRM, then some of these myths would actually discourage you from using it. To help you get a clear head about CRM, what it is and how it works, here are:

6 Myths About CRM You Need to Forget

       1. CRM Softwares Consume Too Much Time

One of the most absurd things you might hear about CRM is that it’s time-consuming. If you think about it, for a software that’s built and developed to cut time, this claim can be pretty funny. CRM software doesn’t consume hours after hours of data entry, but in fact, it reduces that time in half or even more if you work fast.

CRM tools normally make data gathering and storing easier; it removes the need to the following:

  • Manual input of customer details
  • Constantly checking for human error
  • Spotting duplicates
  • Updating existing data

Automatic Input

CRM removes the need for you to constantly enter into your system key customer data. It does this by automatically creating a contact in your database; as soon as your customers opts-in your CRM system creates a contact for that particular customer.

Lessen Human Error

Though it’s impossible to totally remove human error from infiltrating your system, you can limit human errors within your own staff. CRM features help you avoid human error by doing the whole entering of data for you. Less errors mean that you won’t end up calling or sending emails to wrong people.

Spot Duplicates

CRM tools especially Infusionsoft by Keap CRM helps you remove duplicates from your system all together. Infusionsoft by Keap does this by automatically updating existing customer info the moment that same person creates a new opt-in. This whole automatic update prevents you from two contacts for the same customer.

Updates Details

As stated earlier, CRM tools usually update your existing database whenever your customers access your site using opt-in forms. This whole process makes it quicker and easier for you to have up to date contact details.

       2. All CRM Softwares Are the Same

Contrary to common belief, CRM systems are actually distinguishable from each other. Every CRM tool you find online has their own special features, which make them stand out from their competitors, while others have automatic updates, some have better templates, and so on. To say that all CRM tools are the same, is like saying all clothing brands from Chanel to Forever21 produces the same style type of clothes.

Different Approaches

Many CRM companies offer different approaches to gathering data for your business, some like it straight forward, others like to pass through different mediums to get more substantial info. Either way, all companies have the same end goals which is getting all the information you need.

Different Purpose

Different CRM tools have their own purposes, for example, some CRM tools cater to the needs of contractors, and others have features suited for big companies. These individual software features make choosing a CRM software make it more personalised for you, because it lets you pick a tool based on what you need and not the standard norm.

       3. CRM Costs A Fortune

CRM tools have prices ranging from super cheap to a little costly. These prices depend on different factors from the features, to the type of contract, and even the type of business. Buying or availing a CRM tool won’t cost you to become bankrupt or use a ton of cash; your expenses depends on what type of features you want to have.

Free CRM

There is such a thing as free CRM, many companies particularly those that offer cloud-based CRM generally don’t charge you for using their tool. These free customer relationship management tools range from basic CRM systems that have only the needed components, up to feature loaded ones.

Subscription Types

Back in the early years of CRM, most software had to be purchased and installed on company computers. This whole buying the license and the application has made CRM expensive in the past, but that is not the case now. Most CRM systems out in the market today offer their services via monthly or yearly subscriptions. The subscription system lowers the cost of using CRM software because you no longer buy the license just pay for the service.

       4. CRM is not Secure

Just thinking about tons of customer data being held in a single application can cause red flags for some businesses, especially if it’s your customers’ data at stake. CRM, despite popular belief, is actually a lot safer than your average data storage system.

CRM software today, particularly Cloud-based CRM, have their own team of professional security experts protecting all the data they store. This means that hacking them and stealing hundreds of data will be very hard to do. Compare having teams of experts in handling online security to just having only one web developer for your business, wouldn’t your files be safer in numbers?

Frequent Updates

Updates in security is another thing that CRM companies like Infusionsoft by Keap do often which ensures that all data stored in their database is protected. These updates also make sure that there are no errors, much-needed upgrades are done, and new security features are added.

       5. CRM is For Big Companies

Another misconception about CRM is that it’s only for corporations and well-established businesses. Customer relationship management softwares can be used by any businesses whether they are startups, small enterprises or even just one man businesses. CRM does not depend on the number of employees you have, or the size of your building. What matters in CRM is the number of customers you have.

Small Business Friendly

There are many software in the market that are created for small businesses; one example would be Infusionsoft which caters mostly to startups. If you search Google and type in “best CRM for small business”, you’ll find lots of results showing just how many CRM systems out there are made for startups and small enterprises.

       6. CRM is Doesn’t Do Much For Businesses

One of the myths that you would most likely come across, while learning about CRM, is the claim that it’s just data entry; CRM doesn’t bring profit into a company. Many of these misconceptions stem from wrong information posted on the internet.

CRM Increases Sales

Businesses have been using CRM to increase their sales since this type of software was founded. CRM, when used correctly and implemented wisely, can increase your sales even double it. CRM is based on the philosophy of handling your customers properly by:

  • Keeping up to date with them from their interests to their life events
  • Customising your service to fit them and their lifestyle
  • Focusing on what your customers actually want and not on trends

It’s A Tool

It can be used as a tool that will make managing your customers easier and more efficient. With CRM, you can track what your customers are doing when they visit your site. The activities you can keep tabs on includes what pages they visit, how long they usually stay in your site, to the time they usually come to your site; all these details can help you create a more personalised experience for your customers.

When customers notice that you go to great lengths to provide them with excellent customer service, they naturally like your brand more. Customers who develop an affinity for a brand these will result in them patronising and become loyal, repeat buyers of that business.


Final Thoughts

CRM is not optional. If you want to be better at handling your customers, then you need more than a simple pen and paper tool to help you. CRM can help you show your customers that you care enough to create a just-for-you only buying experience for them, resulting in happy customers and better business gains.

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