blog title "Common Email Marketing Mistakes Made and How To Avoid Them" with an annoyed woman operating a laptop
blog title "Common Email Marketing Mistakes Made and How To Avoid Them" with an annoyed woman operating a laptop

9 Common Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing

December 28, 2018 Email Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

Do you know that email marketing mistakes turn off your potential customers? That whenever they receive bad email marketing campaigns, they ignore them? Or worse, they mark them as spam? What mistakes are commonly missed by email marketers? How do customers digest what you’re putting on your email marketing campaign?

Email marketing is a good marketing strategy to acquire leads and conversions. It’s basically the use of email to promote a product or service. But in a more personal context, it’s the use of email in solidifying relationships with prospect customers and/or subscribers.

Here are nine errors you should avoid doing for your email marketing campaign to fly:

1. Not using email marketing for your business.

At first glance, you don’t really see the value of email marketing. Of course, you’d allot most of your time and focus on making the best content for your subscribers. And not on making emails. You focus too much of your marketing strategy on creating content, social media and even on SEO. But what about email marketing?

Investing in content, in social media, and in SEO is not bad. But, you seem to have forgotten the power of emails. Remember, there’s really no assurance that people who got to your site from search engines and social media platforms will really convert and subscribe. However, you can implement an email marketing strategy just as you are launching your site.

Although, you can’t just abruptly send email blasts whenever you want to. There are days and times where your emails create a bigger impact. Thus, it’s best if you fit your schedule during these times. You can incorporate with Infusionsoft by Keap as a start to get email marketing campaign for your business.

2. Buying email lists.

Buying an email list never brings you good. Do you want to receive an email from a list you’ve never once subscribed to? No, right? It gives off the scammer/spammer vibe. So, the immediate response of a customer is to junk your email. It tarnishes your businesses’ reputation, people doubt if what you’re sending them is trustworthy.

This eliminates the genuinity your subscribers feel about your brand. It’s wasting your time and money on something that’s more or less likely bogus. Most importantly, the CAN-SPAM Act is made to forbid the selling and buying of email addresses. Rather than doing something illegal, it’s better if you build your email list from the scratch. You’re conveying something reliable and it proves the genuineness of your brand.

3. Paying no heed in testing and improving emails.

Email marketers, especially new ones, create content and signup forms, send them to customers, then leaves it be and waits for their email list to increase. But, that’s not how it works. You don’t easily get results like that, responses never show immediately. That’s why, you have to run tests on areas where you can improve to get more impact from your subscribers.

You can use marketing automation or any marketing tool for planning and preparing your email marketing strategy. Somehow, you get to test which forms best fits your brand and along the way, you learn and improve your methods in getting the best results.

4. Emails are spammed.

Flooding your customer with chains of emails is another common mistake a marketer can do- it turns them off. The constant bombardment you’re doing to your subscribers only marks your emails as spam, decreasing your subscriber rates. This ruins your chance of ever forming a stable customer relationship because your customer loses trust and starts to question the reliability of your emails.

To avoid triggering spam blockers, you can work on making a schedule, where you send them emails weekly, monthly, or at least twice a month. When you’re working with a schedule, it enhances the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy. Observe the results from the increase in click rates and subscribers of your brand.

5. Emails are sent inconsistently.

On the other hand, email marketers who send emails irregularly ends up ruining newly built relationships between your brand and the customers. The unpredictable time you send new offers or campaigns, your subscribers get frustrated- they don’t know when they can expect another content from you. Due to this inconsistency, you’re making your business forgettable. It only takes a matter of time for subscribers to lose their interest of your brand .

You can avoid this by following a strict schedule. Plan ahead of time on what your new content will be. To keep your business relevant, take time to email your subscribers regularly, based on a schedule not periodically.

6. Using an email address that’s non-responsive.

Subscribers who receive emails from a ‘noreply’ address get the idea that brands, who send those emails, don’t want to talk or interact with them- that if they ever had any queries, they wouldn’t be accommodated. It may result to an opportunity risk for your business. You’d want to be more engaging with your subscribers, encourage them to reply or ask queries if they don’t know where to start. When you communicate with them- answering queries and replying to their concerns, then it’d be likely that those customers will convert.

7. Email not having a personality of its own.

If the email marketing strategy you’re doing isn’t offering any value in converting customers, you’re not doing it right. If you’re not planning of testing and improving your strategy, what’s the use?

What does it take for your email to have a personality?

You take the time composing the best email that converts prospects as subscribers. But the mistake you can do is making it sound impersonal and, oftentimes, sending lengthy emails filled with different ideas and topics. These kindof emails just turn the experience into a chore, lowers the engagement between your brand and the customer.

Avoid creating emails that are wordy and requires the customer to read for a long time. Composing lengthy emails takes a toll of your time, keep it short, simple and easy for your subscribers to read. Make the readers feel that the email is personalised for them. Stand out and create a personality for your email, like you’re writing for a close friend or a family member.

People get ticked off reading something full of misspelled words and grammatical errors. So take the time to proofread your email- look over your spelling and grammar and be mindful of the tone you use, be respectful. Avoid using too much images on your email, especially stock images, those can be seen by your readers on the internet. And never include attachments. Users are skeptic of attachments, they’re doubtful of what the attachment may contain.

8. Does not have a clear ‘call-to-action’.

Every content you put up has to have a stimulating call to action, which serves as the driving force for conversion. In this case, you’re leaving it to customers to find out what they have to do. If an email doesn’t have a clear CTA, or has more than one CTA, doesn’t this confuse your customer? They’ll find it complicated because they don’t know what to do next.

It’s better that you have a clear vision of the purpose of the email, that you have already a desired outcome in your mind. Be precise of what you want to happen and place it where it’ll be easy for customers to find.

9. Overlooking your mobile users.

With the advancement of technology, customers nowadays have no problem accessing emails with the use of smartphones. People no longer rely on computers to send an email. They hold more power. One of the email marketing trends is having an interactive design for different devices your customers use. Consumers rely on mobile phones more than ever, so you have to send mobile-friendly and responsive emails for customers to enjoy the experience and convert

Final Thoughts…

The list above shows common mistakes overlooked by email marketers that can kill conversions for your business. These are email marketing tips you shouldn’t forget about creating your email marketing campaign. To help your business build a reliable and successful brand to the audience. CRM Singapore software already uses these tips for their advantage in creating their own email marketing strategy. Have you been doing these mistakes on your emails? Improve your email marketing strategy and convert them into sales.

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