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header image of the blog title "Discover the 4 Features of CRM Database in Singapore You Must Asses" with skyview shot of buildings with a blurry image of a hand resting on a laptop's keyboard

CRM Database In Singapore: 4 Features You Should Evaluate

August 28, 2018 CRM Data Management, CRM Software, Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

When you’re considering to purchase a CRM product and database in Singapore, what features do you usually check? Do you look at its sales projection in the CRM? Or, do you check the capacity of the CRM database? Even the CRM marketing integration feature needs analysation. After all, what you want is to improve your customer relationship management. You’re going to pay bucks for your CRM system lah! Might as well make sure that it’s worth your money.

So, what should you examine when buying a CRM system in Singapore? One of the worries that plague business owners when it comes to choosing their CRM tool is Database size. Will the CRM database be large enough to store all your business data? Other concerns would be security, ease of access, data readability, and how accurate is the CRM database in handling the data entered? But, why should these features matter? Read on below as we explain the four things you should look into when it comes to CRM database. And, find out why these four features matter.

4 Features Of A Good CRM Database

1. Storage Capacity

Any CRM Singapore software or anywhere else depends on its storage size. Who needs a super advanced CRM tool in Singapore if it can only store 50 contacts? Do the math? With a company like yours, is 50 contacts enough? Even Hawker centres have more customers than that every day, what more a business owner like you?

So, the first thing you should assess in buying a CRM product is their database capacity. Is the CRM Database meant for small start-up companies? Is their CRM database built for medium-sized enterprises? Or, did they design it for big corporations? Understanding just how large a contact and data entry list it has gives you a clearer idea about their product. And, by seeing how much it can store, you can determine if the product is for you or not.

CRM products that are built for big corporations cost way more than those for small enterprises. And CRM databases made for small companies are optimised for small companies. Wasting your resources on a CRM system that isn’t suited to your needs is not economical. Go for a customer relationship management tool that has enough storage to meet your needs but not too much that you end up wasting your money.

2. Ease of Access

The second feature of a CRM to you should check is the ease of access. Is the offer easy to get to for all the members of your team? Can the sales CRM team and the CRM marketing team collaborate fast and efficiently with each other using your CRM database? Even the best CRM systems can fail to convert leads if the team using it has no collaboration. All the more you need your workers to have no problem with data input and update using the CRM Database you choose.

Aside from the access to the information on the CRM system, in Singapore, it is also crucial for the data entry to be real time. What this means is that the data about your customers and prospects must be updated. And when a team member updates a client data, the new data must show up in the system, and it should be viewable to the whole team. Real-time editing should also have back-up and history stored, that way when a team member makes a mistake of deleting client info, you can quickly retrieve it.

3. Data Accuracy and Readability

It’s one thing for your data to be accurate and another for it to be readable. What this means is that even if all your data is accurate, if you and your team can interpret it or read it, it’s useless to your business. When it comes to valuable client information and even lead information, it’s important that your data is accurate and 100% true. All the information you place in your CRM Database should be checked especially for CRM systems that allow you to import data from social media platforms. You can’t have bad data in your system, particularly payment data.

Now, having good, clean, and accurate data is a great thing! But, if your CRM system can’t present your data is an easy to read and analyse format, then what’s the use? You can have a system that gives you codes and all that technical stuff when what you require is tangible, readable, reports! Do you get what we’re saying? You need to be critical when it comes evaluating how the numerous best CRM tools give you their reports. And, you need to be sure that the tool is user-friendly, so you don’t spend hours trying to figure out how to enter in a client’s name.

4. Data Security

Depending on the type of CRM system you use in Singapore, whether it be a Sales centric CRM, a CRM marketing focused software, or even the all-in-one CRM software, you need to make sure that your data is safe. There are three types of CRM systems available in Singapore, the desktop systems, server/client systems and the Cloud-based systems. And knowing what type of security your chosen CRM system offers depends on which of the three type it is. For server/client systems, your company needs to have your own IT to make sure your data is safe. For Cloud-based systems like Infusionsoft CRM, Zoho, Hubspot and many others, the security is provided by the CRM supplier.

Knowing platform that your CRM Database uses is key to making sure that your client’s valuable data is safe from hackers and even competitors. Unprotected data is something you should avoid at all cost. Your clients depend on you to keep their personal information confidential and failing to do so will have massive consequences. You can be penalised and even sued for negligence when it comes to storing your customer’s data.

Another feature of security you should take note of is the backup system of your CRM Database. If for some reason your CRM systems malfunctions, you should have a back-up. Data backup is not an issue for Cloud-based systems but for server/client systems you should have your own back-up. You can’t afford to lose all sales data on your CRM and even your CRM marketing progress for leads. So, look for CRM tools in Singapore that offers security for your files not just from hackers but, from untoward system breakdowns as well.

Final Thoughts

Why is it important to assess a CRM Database’s storage capacity, accuracy, readability, ease of use and security? Because being meticulous and thorough with your CRM system will guarantee that you don’t waste your money on crappy software. And, it makes sure that you put your interest, that of your clients and your whole business at the centre by acquiring an investment that helps you and your company prosper. How? By, bringing organisation to your traditional cluttered customer relationship management system.

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