header image of the blog title "Good CRM Software Solutions Aligns Your Sales & Support Team Efforts" with overhead shot of five people make a fist and bump each other with their knuckles
header image of the blog title "Good CRM Software Solutions Aligns Your Sales & Support Team Efforts" with overhead shot of five people make a fist and bump each other with their knuckles

Coordinate Your Sales Team’s Efforts With Your Customer Service Using Effective CRM Software Solutions

June 4, 2018 CRM Data Management, Lead Nurturing Programs, Marketing, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

In today’s vast market its a lot easier to bridge gaps between sellers and buyers. Because of this smaller gap, it’s now more affordable to start a new business and buy effective CRM software solutions that guarantee CRM benefits. Everything is more accessible now, especially for customers who can purchase goods at the touch of a finger. The Internet, better online sales platform, and convenient modes of payment all seem like a good thing until you realize that with this fast-paced lifestyle your customer’s patience and attention span has become short as well. It’s a lot easier to piss off possible leads, even the top CRM programs will not please a grumpy customer. So how do you deal with all of this?

CRM Software Solutions To Boost Sales and Support Team

If back in the old days its ok to sell to a customer once and never talk to him or her again, now that strategy will send your reputation down the drain. You need to create coordination and arrangement the moment a customer buys whatever product you are selling. Customer relationship has now become the standout point of any business and for you to have a cutting edge over your competitors.

Pay More Attention to Your Customers

Build a better relationship with your customers and not just the short-term one that ends the moment you sell something to him or her. You need to secure a long-term relationship with your customers, the kind that will earn their trust and transform him or her into a loyal client. This process of creating loyal customers don’t just fall on the shoulders of the customer service team, but your sales team must also build a connection. Once a customer becomes happy with your service from the sales to the end of purchase and customer support, then he or she will learn to love your brand. And with a CRM software, this won’t be a hard task for small business since your clientele is not beyond the six zero numbers.

Remember the saying “A satisfied customer will tell three friends, and the dissatisfied customer will tell a thousand.”

Make sure your salespeople are well brief if they encounter a hard to deal with a customer or a customer who is resisting your product or service then they need to know how to deal with them. A dissatisfied customer will end up blabbing on social media just how horrible your service is, avoid that at all cost. CRM products and CRM services are merely tools that you can use; it’s not a super intelligent computer system that will fix the blunders of your sales representatives or customer support make. So instead of treating your CRM software as a self -thinking robot, see it as a high tech gadget you can use to create better information relay between all your teams.

Always Have Documentation

In any transaction or interaction that your sales team does make sure its documented. This makes sure that when problems arise and your customer support has to deal with a problematic customer, they will know how to deal with him or her. Documentation also gives you an insight into your customer’s head, what problems are present and how you can create robust solutions to them. CRM programs is an excellent aid to this since you can track who’s who in the sales funnel.

Communication Equals Opportunities

Constant communication between your two teams makes its easier to spot opportunities for upselling and cross-selling your other products. Let’s say your customer bought your revitalizing shampoo and is getting good results from it; it can be a cue for your sales team to endorse your other products to that particular customer.

Aside from upselling your customer support team can help your sales team get more referrals, as stated earlier a happy customer will tell three friends. You can open more doorways to sales and brand recognition and communication is the key to open these doors. Make full use of these opportunities by strategically using your CRM programs to allow communication and exchange of information between your team.

Effective CRM software can provide solutions to coordinating your sales team efforts and your customer support’s activities, building sufficient and competent communication between these two will not only result in happy, loyal customers but also make a better reputation for you and your business. Don’t have a CRM Singapore software yet? Contact us now! We’ll be glad to walk you through the benefits of using Infusionsoft and how it can help your business.

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