blog title"Using Customer Persona to Boost Your Open-Rate"group of people sitting in a coffee shop
blog title"Using Customer Persona to Boost Your Open-Rate"group of people sitting in a coffee shop

Using Customer Persona to Boost Your Open-Rate

February 5, 2019 CRM Software, Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Customer Relationships, Email Marketing, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

If you’re sending an email, you surely would want your emails to be read. Now, if your emails are getting ignored and your email marketing strategy seems to be failing, chances are, you’re still sending a one-size-fits-all email—which, unfortunately, does not work. Through the personalisation of your emails will help you pull up your open-rate. So how do you start with your personalisation? You start with knowing what your target wants through Customer Persona.


What is A Customer Persona?

A customer persona (also known as a marketing persona or buyer’s persona) is a persona that is drawn based on your target customers. Like a real person, a customer persona must have a name, age, a job, objectives, needs and wants (also known as the pleasure points), and dislikes (commonly known as pain points). It is important that you know that these qualities are not just randomly picked— these are carefully planned and is based on the types of customers your business is targeting. This is why, marketing persona is very much needed when it comes to customer segmentation, especially if you’re segmenting your customers through their behaviour.

Although customer segmentation is one of the dreaded work of email marketers like you— especially if they have a massive list of their contacts, with the help of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software such as Infusionsoft by Keap (Singapore) makes the dreaded job of segmenting customers, a lot easier. This is because they have a tagging feature where you can just tap the contact that you want to include in your particular list.


Importance of a Customer Persona

There’s only one reason why you should consider a customer persona important, and this is Personalisation. According to GetResponse, personalising the body of the email that you send, increases the open rate up to 29.95% and a click-through rate of 5.03%, compared to the non-personalised ones. So what does this say? It tells us that personalising your emails will boost both your open rate and click-through rate. And personalising comes from knowing who your target customers are.

The process for personalisation goes like this:




Customer Persona

Customer Segmentation


How to Make a Customer Persona

When it comes to creating buyer personas, you should think of getting the two types of data, the demographic data and the psychographic data.

Demographic Data

This is statistical data that can be acquired by collecting data from the population which includes the Age, Gender, Monthly Income, and such.

Psychographic Data

Contrasting to demographics that can be measured statistically, psychographics is a lot deeper. These are data that is made up of your customer’s attitudes and personalities. This is where your customer’s challenges, pain points, and pleasure points go.

  • Start with the General Information

This is where your demographics go. Start with the simplest things that you can come up with such as your customer’s name. You can think of common names, or you can look up on baby names on the internet. After the name comes the Job Title, where he or she works, and details of his or her job. What comes after is your customer’s Age, Salary, Gender, Location, Educational Attainment, Civil Status. You can then add an image of a person to make it more realistic.


Name: Edward Yen

Job Title: Teacher

Job Description: He’s a primary school teacher and is very happy with his career choice because he loves to be surrounded by kids.

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Salary per Year: $51,946

Location: Singapore

Educational Attainment: Post Graduate

Civil Status: Single

  • Add the Personality

Coming up with the general information, it’s time to add a personality to your persona. Without these personalities, your customer persona won’t give you and your business any kind of benefit. Which is why the personalities you must come up with during this part, must be as close as accurate to your customer’s actual personality.

This is where your website’s analytics comes in handy. Analyse the metrics, which pages do your customers look up to? What kind of content do these pages contain? Which of your website’s blogs did they read and what information do the following blogs contain?

After the analysis, you can now start coming up with the personalities.



  • Buy an engagement ring that his girlfriend will love

Pleasure Points:

  • Expensive yet affordable rings
  • Rings that matches well with the personality of his girlfriend
  • Tips for proposing to his girlfriend

Pain Points:

  • Not sure whether his girlfriend would accept his proposal
  • Had a bad experience with a salesman that’s always asking him to buy his product.


  • He’s into websites that make various kinds of rings lately
  • Knowledgeable with the types of engagement rings
  • Tech savvy and uses Instagram if he has free time

Here’s a complete example of the customer persona:

How Can You Use Your Customer Persona in Email Marketing Strategy?

  1. Communicate With Your Customer

Using your customer persona, you will know how to communicate with your customers in a language that they can relate. If your target is the millennials, talk as in a way that the millennials can relate. This can help reduce the gap between you and your customer. They will think of you as someone that can be trusted because you made sure that your customer understands what you’re talking about, in a manner that they are comfortable with.

  1. Avoid Being Generic

With marketing automation, you’re just merely guessing what kind of person you’re talking with, but the challenge is, you must be able to communicate with them as if you knew them already ten years ago. Which is why we try to be as ‘broad’ as possible, to make sure hit everyone, but in reality, you’re hitting no one. And your subscribers don’t want that. They want personalised contents. They want contents that they can relate to.


Final Thoughts

Wishing that your open and click through rate will boost without personalising each email you send, is like wishing for pandas to fly. Through customer segmentation and customer persona, you’re one step ahead from your competitors.

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