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header image of the blog title "7 Marketing Automation Best Practices You Can Use For 2019" with a background image of a man wearing a gray suit jacket holding a timer clock

Marketing Automation Best Practices You Should Apply In 2019

December 20, 2018 Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

What are the memorable marketing automation tactics dubbed as best practices that you’ve learned this 2018? Now, with the new year coming in, are the practices that worked for you in 2018 applicable for 2019? Here’s a short run through of some of the methods that reigned in 2018 which will be effective still in 2019.

With dozens of marketing automation platforms in the market and even numerous multichannel campaigns you can engage, it’s hard to decide which one you’ll keep and which one you’ll discard. If you saw little profit with your CRM tool, then you’re probably thinking of getting something else.

However, before you do take a look at some of the CRM add-ons that people in the industry have paired with their software, and see if you did them as well.

For CRM Systems in Singapore

Predictive Analysis

One of the sure ways to utilise CRM systems in Singapore is using tools to predict and jolt down the visitor activity to your site and brand. Tools such as Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics, SEMrush Chartbeat, Optimizely, Mixpanel and Heap are listed as the top ten go to softwares for analysing and predicting customer activity. The scope of these tools ranges from telling how many people visit your site to the activities they do when they are in your site. These activities can include clicking on the subscribe button, reading a blog, and even purchasing a product.

Why is predictive analysis critical in maintaining your website?

Being able to record your site’s traffic is just a tip of the iceberg of an analytic tools power. Google Analytics, for example, can give in-depth charts of visitor activity in your site. These data will help you determine which pages are liked by your customers, from the style to the information that your present to them. By tracking and predicting your buyer’s journey through your site, you’ll also be able to come up with better propositions and better customer experience.

Dynamic Content

Readers and site visitors today want content that’s informative and not jargon-filled. When readers find a copy that’s bland and hard to understand they close the page and look for other resources. It’s important to have content that’s not all words, with helpful pictures, and bulleted or direct to the point statements since these make understanding the message of the site easier.

Another great thing to include in site content based on 2018 trends is ACD which stands for Awareness, Consideration and Decision. Segmenting your site content into three stages makes it easier for visitors to relate to your site. Not all of the people who come into your site know what you’re selling, and having a content aimed at awareness only will help them learn and understand what you offer. Consideration content is aimed at reinforcing that awareness and pushing them closer to making a decision. Lastly, decision type content are all aimed at getting your customers to buy your product. The theme of your whole copy when it’s in the decision phase is to get them to decide and purchase what you offer.


Chatbots have become sort of integral to modern sites today, whenever you visit a site you’re usually greeted by a bot talks like a human. Chatbots have both an advantage and a disadvantage, and using their advantage is crucial to giving good customer experience. No one like being answered by an answering machine and chatbox that give inaccurate and robotic answers that lead to negative impact. So, when setting up your chatbots make sure that they have real answers and that you update their data real-time. Remember that your goal is to welcome them and answer queries not scare or annoy them with nonsensical answers.

If chatbox provides a set back for you instead of leverage, then we recommend employing a customer response team instead. Having a real person man, the site queries you get gives a genuine touch to your welcome wagon, provided that you have the resources to hire an extra hand.

Buyer Persona’s

If there’s one thing we learned about CRM these 2018, it’s that buyer persona’s are here to stay and not something you should take for granted. You can’t please everybody. But, what you can do is target the specific people you ideally want to sell to, and having a buyer persona setup is one clear way of getting to your goal. Establishing buyer persona’s for your CRM campaign will make handling customers easier. You don’t want a rude customer, then don’t entertain them. You want a high net worth individuals as buyers then create content that they want, and attracts them to your brand.

Having a clearly defined customer market help your brand establish its name. And with the 2019 coming, it’s better if you know your market and not end up trying to sell to everybody.

When it comes to CRM systems in Singapore, Infusionsoft by Keap stands out among the small and medium-sized enterprises because it functions not just a CRM tool but as a marketing automation tool as well. It’s important that you have the right tool at your disposal when dealing with your customers, and having a dual purpose tool seems like a good investment especially if you’re just a startup company.

Let’s face it lead generation and lead scoring equates to profit if done right. Here are some of the techniques you can bring with you this 2019.

For Lead Scoring Methods

Social Media Integration

Making integration on social media does’nt going to go away any minute, that’s why it’s important to incorporate the lead generation campaigns on social media. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have a stable number of users that you can tap into. Go social media tactics will not just get new customers to your brand, but they’ll also help boost your reputation by spreading brand awareness. News travels faster in social media than it does on tabloids and old marketing platforms. So, making it good and succeeding in social media sites is definitely worth the effort.

Tips for making social media integration easier

Schedule your posts – you don’t have to post daily if you don’t want to. Instead, you can post twice a week, at your most comfortable time. What you need to remember is staying consistent. If you post content every Thursday, then stick with your schedule.

Post only up to date info – don’t mention things from the 1980s if it’s not necessary. Go for up to date topics and trends that people actually want to read and be familiar with.

Lifecycle Marketing

In 2018, businessmen have put into use the principle of Lifecycle Marketing. Basically, your marketing efforts don’t just end on the point of sale, but it continues throughout the whole time that your customer stays with your brand. All of the interaction you have with your customer includes customer support, upsell or cross-selling of products, giving loyalty awards and promotions. Putting more attention on how to deal with customers increases loyalty to your brand, turning one time buyers into lifelong clients.

Customer Segmentation

Classifying your customers based on how far off they are in your funnel, and how long they’ve been as a customer proves to be effective in 2018, and will be effective for the coming year. In lead generation, it’s important to be able to assess where your leads are in the funnel, that way your marketing tactics towards them are correct and accurate. You wouldn’t want to send an awareness pamphlet to a lead who is about to buy. And certainly sending a decision making content to someone who is new to your brand will turn them off.


Time-tested techniques mean that you get profit for what you do. And with another year ending it gives you a chance to evaluate your efforts. Implementing and adapting methods that work in your market field is one sure way to kick-start another year. After all, marketing strategies especially marketing automation is measured by the goals you’ve conquered and the profits you’ve hauled in.


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