blog "Reasons on How To Deal with Ignored Email Marketing" with a background of a man typing on a laptop
blog "Reasons on How To Deal with Ignored Email Marketing" with a background of a man typing on a laptop

How To Deal With Ignored Email Marketing

January 30, 2019 CRM Software, Email Marketing, Email Subject Lines, Marketing, Marketing Automation Platforms 0 Comments

Pursuing a business means you’re willing to invest an amount of money with hopes of gaining more in return, which is why people who own a business are eager to spend for CRM Systems, and Marketing Automation Softwares because they are want to have high customer engagement — hoping that these customer engagements will eventually turn into sales. However, there are times when your mailing efforts are not converted into sales, email marketing strategy gets ignored.

Now, What Will You Do if Your Emails Gets Ignored?


You may have been sending emails to your contacts a couple of times already, however, your emails are still getting ignored. You want your email marketing strategy to drive sales, but instead of doing so, it’s draining your investment down without seeing a likely return of your investment anytime soon. Now, if this has been the case for the past few months, it may be an excellent time for you to start investigating. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where is the problem coming from?
  • Why are your emails getting ignored?
  • Is it on your customer’s end or is it in your end?

Now, a lot of businessman and email marketers have been in your shoes. And just like you, they didn’t know what to do.

Here are 5 of the Common Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Keeps on Getting Ignored (and how to Solve Them)

  1. Your Subject Lines Are  Not Interesting

I know you’ve worked hard with your subject lines. You made sure it would hook in your reader’s attention and would make your subscriber want to read the rest of the content of your emails. But it might not be able to grab the attention of your subscriber. It could be that your subject line:

  • Is not a subject of interest by your reader
  • Does not make sense to the reader
  • Too long
  • Revealed too much of what your email’s content in your subject line
  • Too vague and is confusing your subscriber

Now, check the emails that you sent to your subscribers. Read the subject line. Is it compelling? Does it make you want to read the rest of your emails? Do you think your target audience will find the subject line of interest? If not, then it may be time for you to make another one. Remember, your subject line is the face of your email, if it looks uninteresting— no matter how good your content is— it will get ignored.


Personalised email subject lines have a higher open rate of 50%. This is according to the study conducted by YES Lifecycle Marketing. So, how do you personalise your subject line? You can choose to take a look at your previous transactions, use topics that gain the interest of your subscriber, insert the location of your subscriber, or even use their name in the headline.

Another tip for you, subject lines that are clear but has an authoritative tone, short, and is straight to the point, is more likely to get opened.

  1. Your Written Content is Too Bland

Today, if people stumble upon an interesting content, they’re more than willing to spread the good word to all their friends, either through social networking websites, emails, or through telling their friends and family personally. However, if they find something uninteresting, they won’t even bat an eyelash about it and will straight out ignore the content. This is because people today have a short attention span.

Now, if the email you’re sending to your subscribers have no images, and are built with blocks after blocks of long paragraphs, you may have found the reason why your subscribers ignore your emails. However, this type of email may not always be the case. Sometimes, your email may contain fun images, short paragraphs and an interesting subject line, yet it is still ignored. The cause for this is, your email’s content might be a little too technical that your reader can no longer understand what’s written.

If your copy is what’s causing your emails to be ignored, you better start changing the way you’re writing your emails. Here are some tips that can help you get started with your copy:

Tip #1: Never Use Small and Condensed Fonts

No one wants to read contents that are all scrunched up together. Imagine this, the first line of your email starts with ‘Hello [first name of your subscriber]’ written in a tall and condensed font with serif (fonts with extra line at the tail end of each stroke of the letter). Now, picture out the entire content written in such font. It would certainly drive your reader away from your email as it is not easy on the eyes.

Tip #2: Think of Your Reader

When it comes to your copy, it is never good to keep on talking about yourself and your brand the entire time—NO! Your customers don’t want that. They want to know what they get from you and what benefits they can get from subscribing into your newsletter and updates. While writing your email, keep in mind that this is not for you, this is for your subscriber. So, step out of the spotlight for a while and give it to your customer.

Tip #3: Keep It Short and Straight to the Point

Long emails tire your reader out, so instead of convincing them to buy your product because of its wonderful features, why not show them how your product can make their lives a lot easier. Remember, your readers want things to be fast and easy for them. They don’t want to go around in circles to get what they need. You want to keep your message short but is clear with the messaging that you want to deliver to your subscribers.

  1. Your Message Went Straight to the Spam Folder

Today trusted email service providers such as Google, Outlook, and Yahoo has a spam filtering system that screens each email that is delivered to their users. This is to make sure that only the legitimate emails are placed in their user’s inbox. If the spam filters think that the email you just sent is spam, your email will fall right into the dreaded spam folder.

How do Spam Filter Systems Filter their Emails?

  1. You Had No Permission to do So

Emails that are sent to the subscriber, without going through the first step of having your subscriber to fill out the opt-in form. It would be better if you have your subscriber to sign up for your emails first before you start sending emails.

  1. Your IP Address was used for Spam

Unfortunately, a lot of spammers have become wise in sending their emails by using other people’s IP Addresses. Now, if you’re one of those unfortunate people whose IP Address was used for spamming, the least you could do is to have your subscribers whitelist the emails you send. Now, if this hasn’t happened yet to you, it would be better if you use reputable CRM Software such as Infusionsoft by Keap from Singapore as they make sure that you are protected, keeping your reputation clean.

  1. You Used Words that can Trigger Spam

Another thing spam filters look for when it comes to filtering emails are the words in either your subject line or in the body of your email. Some of these are:

  • This is not spam
  • Risk-Free
  • for only (amount)
  • Great offer


Final Thoughts

Marketing Automation systems are merely a tool that you can use in driving sales. If it does not give you any sales, make sure you recheck the emails you sent. Read it the way your subscribers are going to read it. If the email does not have an impact to you, certainly doesn’t have any effect on your readers. 

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