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header image of the blog title "Have More Conversions Using Drip Email Marketing" with a background of a woman typing to an open laptop with email icons on the screen

Have More Conversions Using Drip Email Marketing

April 12, 2018 Email Marketing, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

We have been quite familiar with email newsletters. Perhaps we have been on the receiving end once or twice in our life. Anyhow, email newsletters are not a stranger to us. But the thing with email newsletters is that new subscribers can only receive the recently sent out emails. They’ll only be able to see email newsletters that are being sent by the marketers after they sign up. Wouldn’t it be better if a welcoming email would be sent to those subscribers instead? This way they will feel more welcome. With Drip Email Marketing, this is possible.

Most of the time people call it drip campaigns but it goes with other names too, such as drip marketing, marketing automation, automated email, and email marketing strategy. But it all goes down to the same pipeline, sending leads a set of scheduled marketing emails.

A good online marketing platform should include email marketing strategies. Because not only will it guide your leads, but it will also help you win back those who intend to unsubscribe.

What is Drip Email Marketing?

From the word itself, drip means a small drop of liquid. Figuratively, it means gradually developing a relationship with leads this is to nurture them by sending relevant information. Drip Email Marketing enables a marketer to keep in touch with the people who signed up for an account on their website.

Because Drip Email Marketing is relevant, it can categorize unique leads according to their likes and preferences, which is very helpful in lead targeting. Using this categorization, a unique message will be sent to your subscribers. This is to make sure the message reaches to the right person at the right time.

Below are a few examples where Drip Email Marketing is effectively used.

1. Sending a Welcoming Email

What feels better than being warmly welcomed? Using drip marketing, the marketer can send a personalized email with the subscriber’s name and other information. The marketer can choose to send their most shared blog or the benefits of using their products. The survey shows that autoresponders have a 58.7% average of open rate while usual emails get 14.6%, but when a welcoming email is sent out after the user signs up, the open rate bolts up to 88.3%. Start a good relationship with a subscriber by creating a great welcoming email.

2. Reminding for Abandoned Carts

It might not look like it, but more than half of the carts are abandoned. The survey shows that 67.45% of fully loaded carts being left by shoppers. Use a drip follow up to inform the shopper that the items from their cart are still available for purchase. Many shoppers make their purchase after being reminded. This is due to the potent prompts from the seller, carefully crafted to reel the customer back in.

3. Renewing of Subscription

Using drip marketing, the marketer can inform the subscriber that their subscription is about to expire. This is to encourage the subscriber to extend his/her subscription. If the subscriber indeed renews or extends her subscription, the marketer can send him/her a thank you drip in response to their renewal.

4. Unsubscribing

Even when a subscriber is about to step out from their subscription, marketing automation prompts a message to reel them back in. With a simple “We hate to see you go” message, a subscriber might reconsider their subscription. If they still opt to unsubscribe, remember that they are not unsubscribing because they hate the brand. They might just want to keep in touch in another way.

These are only a few of the multiple possibilities, drip marketing can do. It considers the interest of the leads and is triggered based on the user’s activities, sending a personalized message to your subscribers.

Why is Drip Marketing Important in Email Marketing?

Based on triggers, drip emails get sent, depending on how the marketer defines them. Once a prospect signs up, a welcoming email will be sent to his/her email. Another email will then follow, depending on the lead’s interaction with the marketer’s website.

A queue of other emails will then be scheduled to be sent. The marketer can even personalize the drip email according to the subscriber’s name and company information. They can even send these emails based on what the lead has been looking up to. This will make the drip email more personal and more relevant.

Drip Email Marketing will not only lessen the marketing team’s burden. It will also increase your revenue. According to research, relevant targeted emails gain more revenue than those widely-broadcasted ones.

It is important in keeping the leads at bay. This way, the leads will get to know about the marketer and the company, and the company will know about their leads’ needs and wants. It’s a win-win situation on both ends.


In general, Drip Marketing is the broader definition that includes many marketing strategies. But at the end, the intention is still the same. It is to keep the lead involved with the marketer’s product and services.

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