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header image of the blog title "Find Out The 4 Reasons Why free crm Systems Aren't Actually Free" and a sideview shot of a business man operating a laptop with a background of buildings

4 Reasons Why Free CRM Isn’t Actually Free

September 6, 2018 CRM Data Management, CRM Software, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

Have you seen an advert in Google that says free CRM? We have, and our first reaction was wow someone decided to create an open system that people can use. Can you imagine having a CRM software that has the complete features of an expensive CRM tool but is free?! You can finally say goodbye to that expensive CRM software that charges you to pay hundreds of dollars monthly.  And you can put those extra resources into something else, like product enhancements and company improvement.

Why Free CRM Systems Are Not Actually Free

If only the scenario above was real, you could change from a paid CRM to a free system, but that’s isn’t actually the case. In business, there’s no such thing as a free product and all the more a CRM system. Here are the four reasons why CRM software or systems are NOT Free!

1. Free Systems are Just Trials.

Yep, you heard it right most CRM vendors that say that their product is free, fail to say that it’s free for only a limited amount of time. You can use their CRM services for a year or less, and after that one year has expired, you will be compelled to pay for their standard version. These standard versions can have a price range of a few dollars to hundreds depending on what type of features they offer.

If you refuse to avail of their product, you will end up losing all your customer data. Data that is no longer needed will be deleted by their system, so any prospect or precious customer details you have will be removed. And eventually, you end up in a situation where you are forced to buy a product you didn’t sign-up for. Because you wouldn’t want your customer information to be discarded. And such abrupt changes also impact your company, you won’t be able to interact with your clients smoothly as you once used to with the CRM tool. So, you end up buying the product which is a disadvantage on your part because you’re forced to compromise because of a false product information that says Free even though it’s just a Trial.

2. Free Tools Don’t Come with Maintenance.

CRM tools in the market that are offered as free don’t come with system maintenance and support. Should you encounter any problems while using their software, you can’t reach their customer service team and ask for help. After all, you’re using a free content what right do you have to complain right? We beg to disagree, just because a CRM tool or software is free doesn’t mean that you should get a crappy product.

Sadly, those who offer free software offer just a software, no backup, no customer assistance and no guarantee that any data you input can be retrieved when their tool malfunctions. If the hosting site that stores your data shuts down or does an update or repair and you lose customer data because of it, you have no way of getting it back. If the system causes you to lose prospects and even clients because of lousy set-up, you can’t hold the CRM vendor liable for it.

But, if you want your free CRM software to provide maintenance and support, you can opt to buy their add-on.

3. Free CRM Software Needs Security.

Similar to the no maintenance included free tools also don’t come with security features. All customer data you have a susceptible to third parties. Hackers can steal important data like bank accounts and contact information. Customer data protection is the main priority for any company. Your failure to protect your customers important financial and personal information can result in hefty fines from courts. You also damage your reputation with your customers and prospect clients by failing to protect their privacy.

Other free CRM software in the market that do offer protection only gives minimal coverage, not a full-blown customer data protection that your business needs. And just like the lack of maintenance, you can get complete protection for your data with an add-on that you need to purchase.

4. Free Tools Require You To Buy Another Product.

The last drawback of free customer relationship management tools in the market is they require you to purchase a platform or another product before you can actually use it. These requirement products that you need to buy can be in the form of site or system platforms, software protection tools like an antivirus, or any other “so-called” CRM related stuff that masks they very cost of the “Free product”.

There are numerous sites that offer you this false advertisement of a free software but ask you to pay for and install products that you don’t need. It’s the same tactic that goes with the Trial version only CRM tools only they present you with a full product then ask you to pay for its complementary product so you can use the full CRM. Either way, it still makes you pay and forces you have no choice but to buy whatever they offer.


There are a lot of simple CRM software solutions in the market, and most of them are cheap and affordable. They offer protection, maintenance and other additional features that your company needs like sales funnel, email, and marketing automation for Singapore clients and for those abroad. So, why should you go for a.k.a free when there are good choices in the market that are honest about their service. You can look for a list of CRM companies in Singapore, and check out their prices to see which one fits your budget.

And remember that the best products, those made with quality, cost something. If you want a great CRM Singapore software that’s like your very own personal CRM software, then be ready to fork out some cash to obtain it.

Final Thoughts

Free CRM for small business or any size of a business is not technically free, it has underlying costs and added features that you need to get to fully use it in your business. Don’t be a victim of false advertising. Be discerning about the products or software you use in your business. The wrong choice can lead to adverse consequences in your business. And when it comes to “Free” software, it’s better to scrutinise their website and offers first before you click that download button. Put into your mind that your CRM tool is an investment, not a product you buy for the wholesale price.

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