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header image of the blog title "How Email Behavioural Segmentation Helps You Sell in a Smarter Way" with an over-the-shoulder shot of a person typing on a laptop and a background of people sitting in front a wooden table

How Email Behavioural Segmentation Can Help You Sell and Achieve More in a Smarter Way?

September 23, 2015 CRM Data Management, Lead Scoring, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

How Behavioural Segmentation Helps You Win Email Marketing Strategy

The Painful Prospecting Journey.

The tough part in any sales work is to comb through a huge database full of prospects. Not only that, the sales team don’t really know a whole lot about each of those prospects beyond those common demographics. This forces sales professionals to do the qualification over phone calls. Imagine how much time and manpower is needed to do this!

After going through tons of questions about the prospects goals, struggles and concerns, if lucky enough, the prospects will answer these questions. But in reality, what many salespeople faced is the prospects’ lack of desire to be qualified. They will either find excuses to end the call early or just hang up! It will come to a point where sales professional will hit a glass ceiling because there is only so much they can produce given the limited amount of time they have.

That is why the more successful you are at selling, the less time you had to actually sell.

In order to break-through that selling limitation, the leverage point is to find ways to lure the prospects to tell you more than you working very hard trying to get them to talk.

Prospects Like To Self-Educate.

We are living in an age where most people would rather spend time and talk to the digital world than you as a salesperson. In face-to-face and phone situations of qualifying people, many times, people often tell half-truths because they don’t want a salesperson to gain the upper hand in the selling process.

However, when these prospects turned to the online platforms, they are not constantly thinking about how much information they are transmitting to a salesperson. It is just too overwhelming for our conscious mind to manage as most people will be focusing on the purpose, emotions, desires, goals, priorities, and tasks that are more important at that point in time. Therefore, with that kind of state people are in, they are “indicating” their buying signals, interests and intent unconsciously by consuming the content you sent them or what they can find on your web page, while they are doing their research online!

Knowing Your Prospects in depth through Behavioural Segmentation.

Most people would measure the success of an email marketing campaign as to how much conversion and sales have been made. However, to create a behavioural segmentation email campaigns, it requires a different mindset. The purpose is to have your prospects educate you through tracking their online behaviours.

The ROI isn’t revenue, but the intelligence gathered about your prospects, which will help raise the revenue through targeted selling. The job here is to track every moment of buyer’s journey while they are navigating and consuming your materials.

The objective is to get them to start clicking around and consuming information, for which, they are sending you behavioural cues, which you can eventually segment them.

Email Behavioural Segmentation in a Nutshell.

First, you need to plan the core message of the emails you are going to send as well as a series of content with a topic theme, that are relevant and useful for your audience. Then it is set up into a sequence of emails for the prospects to consume over a period of time. At the basic analysis of the behavioural patterns, the delete/open/click behaviour conveys the degree of interest. On a higher level, the kind of topics and content, which generated the deletions/opens/clicks, will then provide you additional segmentation intelligence for your database.

On top of that, automated triggers can be set up such that when they visited a certain page or form on your website, it activates a task or activity to be follow up with the prospect such as inviting them for a demo trial, consultation or to watch a video, depending on stage of the funnel they are at.

For some CRM Singapore software, it can also track the duration of a video, which the prospects had watched, and triggers the segmentation, as well as an activity for, follow-up.

Tagging and a lead scoring system usually do the segmentation.

As an illustration, imagine a database of about 100 prospects going through the sequence as below.

Infusionsoft Campaign Segmentation Process
Infusionsoft Campaign Segmentation Process

Based on the behavioural patterns of their online engagements – clicks, opens and inactivity, you can segment them accordingly.

In the end, you will have four different segments (you can have more depending on your segmentation and tracking goals) of those who click and those who didn’t after a period of time.

Besides qualification and segmentation, this exercise can also be used as a nurturing process.

Due to the time it takes for prospects to respond to the emails and for the segmentation to show some patterns(about six weeks), this strategy suits businesses with a long sales cycle.

After going through the behavioural segmentation, you will come down to a list of hot prospects. This would then help the salesperson to strategize their efforts by working through the hot list first.

With the behavioural segmentation, it allows you to be very targeted when comes to selling, as you will know what you need to say or sell to each hot lead from the intelligence gathered.

The more specifics you understood about your database, the better you are in conversion.

Eventually, it allows you to focus your best efforts on your best prospects, which will then create a happier and more effective sales team.

To sum it all, below is an overview of how email segmentation goes, from NetAtlantic Email Marketing Solutions.

Email Marketing Segmentation Infographic from NetAtlantic

How much is your sales funnel working for you?

Request a Demo to understand how we can help to integrate your workflow, nurture leads and grow sales more effectively. Your sales team deserves to be rewarded the smarter way.

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