blog title "Inbound Marketing: Key to Growing Your Business" A Header oF Flat View Photography of Four Persons Sitting Facing Laptop on Desk
blog title "Inbound Marketing: Key to Growing Your Business" A Header oF Flat View Photography of Four Persons Sitting Facing Laptop on Desk

Inbound Marketing: Key to Growing Your Business

February 13, 2019 Email Marketing, infusionsoft by Keap, Marketing, Marketing Automation Platforms 0 Comments

One of the challenges that you face as a businessman is connecting with your customers. This is because you don’t know how to establish a good relationship with them.  This unsurprisingly leads to having low sales. Or you might be thinking of expanding your business and is aiming to reach a whole new type of audiences. Now, how do you connect with your prospective customers? Inbound marketing can help you with that.

What Exactly is Inbound Marketing?

Let me give you a scenario. Fabian owns a Travel and Tours Service business in Singapore. His target are the people from his neighbouring countries specifically from Malaysia and Indonesia. He runs an Ad Campaign whose goal is to gain leads from both Malaysia and Indonesia.

Fabian gains a lot of leads who wanted to travel to Singapore— now, are these people ready to avail a Tour Package? Probably not. They’re most likely interested with the thought of travelling and not actually prepared to get a tour package themselves. How can Fabian convince his leads that travelling in Singapore using his Tour Package is an excellent way to spend their vacation? That is through a proper inbound marketing technique.

This is a marketing strategy where you focus on attracting your leads by sending them content via email. These contents should be related to the products or services that you offer which will gain the interest of the potential customer. Your goal for Inbound Marketing is to turn leads into a customer.

And what is the best way to relay this information to your customers? Marketing Automation (also known as Email Marketing). Through marketing automation, you can send emails to your leads faster.

How Can You Start With Your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

What would you do if someone moves in on the vacant house beside yours? You would probably give them a gift to welcome them into the neighbourhood. The same idea goes with your inbound marketing and your email marketing campaign. You give them a warm Welcome

  1. Welcome Your Lead Warmly

People love it when you give them a warm welcome for being a part of your community. Let them know how happy you are and relay this happiness to them. Now, although a Welcome Email is a business email, you should keep in mind that you’re sending the email to express your gratitude to them. Sending them a formal email is not a good way to welcome your customer.

Instead of establishing your connection with them, your customers will feel detached from you.

Make your emails informal, as if you’re talking with your friend. This way, your customers will feel genuinely welcomed and will look forward to your next emails.

In addition to that, welcome emails help your customers remember you. Your customer may be receiving a lot of emails and if they don’t remember, your email will get deleted without even opened. Which is why it is highly recommended that you immediately send a welcome email as soon as they sign for your emails. Trust me, they’re waiting for it.

  1. Nurture Your Leads

After you welcome your leads, it’s time to move to the next phase, and that’s to know them better. Establish a good relationship with them by communicating with them. Find out which emails they prefer to get and which topics are they interested with. You can even ask your customers to go through a survey so you can give them contents that are relevant to them. Personalised emails help you nurture your leads.

This is why it would be a good idea to segment your customers. Contacts that have the same interests should be grouped together. This way, you can give your customers a more personalised email that they will find highly relevant.

However, you must never forget that your goal is to guide them towards your goal, and that is to have them avail your products and services. You want to make sure that as you connect with your customers, you’re also gaining their trust.

  1. Pitch Your Product or Service

As you’re nearing the end of your lead nurturing tactic, you and your customer should have a well-established relationship. They now trust your brand and are already considering buying your products and services. Which is why this is the best time for pitching.

Use the information you currently have and use it to pitch your product or service. Give them your product that you think may help solve their problem

If we go back to the earlier example given. This is where Fabiano will send email to his leads about the ideal Tour Package that they should get with their current interest. You want to make sure that your customers are already hot enough for pitching.

So, how do you know that they’re already hot enough? CRM Systems such as Infusionsoft by Keap has a feature that shows how interested your customer is with the email you send.

  1. Continue Connecting With Them

Just because you were able to get your lead to buy your product, doesn’t mean that they will stay there forever—NO. Think of your customer as your friend who’s about to move out and will transfer to another country.

What do you think will happen if you cut off your communication? Chances are, you won’t be able to catch up with each other’s lives and eventually, you will move on with your lives. You won’t be as close as before. And unless you communicate with them, you won’t be as close as you used to be.

Which means you should continue to communicate with your customers even after they have bought your product and services. If you keep in touch with them, your customers will feel loved and that you’re there to help them with their problem—not after their money.

Your customer may even refer you to their family and friends who have the same problem as them. And we know very well, the best way to get a customer is through word-of-mouth or referral marketing.


Final Thoughts

The only way to gain your customer’s trust is to connect with them. Give them a warm welcome, get to know them more, and never cut communications with them. Nurture them with love and care because, in the end, they’re the ones who will help you grow your business.

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