a banner having the text "Marketing Automation for Online Retail" in the center and a background of toy cars and motorcycle on a table
a banner having the text "Marketing Automation for Online Retail" in the center and a background of toy cars and motorcycle on a table

Marketing Automation for Online Retail

September 26, 2017 Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing, Sales Management 0 Comments

Why do retailers need to be using Marketing Automation? Nowadays, it is often heard in the news the instability in the retail industry such as Barnes & Noble announced its plan to shut down physical locations and Toys “R” Us filed for bankruptcy. The move was a result of more and more consumers prefer to make purchases from online retailers rather than going to brick-and-mortar shops. In which Amazon, one of the most popular online shopping websites, has grown so big, it dominates the online retail market.

One of the assumptions about why Toys ‘R’ Us filed for bankruptcy protection is the US company chooses to be unconcerned of the online retailers who can sell at competitive prices. Neglecting the fact that online retail sales are growing fast and are predicted to reach 8.8% of total global retail spending by 2018.

Online Retailing

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Online retailing is increasing at an astounding rate, retailers who pay no attention to e-commerce can experience a decrease in their sales. For a retail business owner, this is some of the challenges they are facing. One of which is how to connect with each of their customers. Once clients check out and leave physical stores, the personal connection is lost, missing out on the potential opportunities to keep customers engaged and strengthen their loyalty to the business.

Marketing Automation for Online Store

So how do business owners stay connected with their clients at all time, without utilizing much of their time and resources?

With the help of marketing automation, business owners can create personalized marketing campaigns and special promotions that establish meaningful connections with every individual customer. It will help them effectively meet each of their clients’ unique needs. Business owners can make use of marketing automation platforms and tools such as email marketing automation, multimedia marketing, and generate marketing reports. They can take advantage of the benefits of market automation such as:

  • Nurture Leads
  • Boost sales
  • Automate marketing actions to save time

By using the best marketing automation software, business owners can buy and sell like Amazon, and create personalized and compelling content that turns prospects into customers and customers into patrons of their products or services.

a right hand holding a cellphone on the right side of the image with a blurry background of a laptop, this is an example for marketing automation software for online store

Key to Growing a Business

One of the most important keys for a business to succeed is to create and keep a client; this is the primary purpose of running a business. By maximizing marketing efforts, a business owner will be able to achieve its goal. That is why it is essential for business owners to take advantage of online technology and boost their digital marketing efforts to establish long-term customer relationships. Do you want to raise the bar of your marketing strategy? Get more leads for your website and breathe new life into your sales funnel with Marketing Automation and CRM Singapore software.

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