header image of the blog title "Reaching Your Customers through Multi-Channel Marketing" with a background image of a community and skyway roads in the center with cars on it
header image of the blog title "Reaching Your Customers through Multi-Channel Marketing" with a background image of a community and skyway roads in the center with cars on it

Reaching Your Customers Through Multi-Channel Marketing

April 6, 2018 Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

We grew up having heard of advertisements blasting off from our radios and television. We have also seen flyers wherever we go, whether we take a walk in the park or shop in the mall. With the rise of the internet and the social media, a new platform for advertisement has emerged. Today, online marketing has become a thing — and so as Multi-channel Marketing.

So, what is Multi-Channel Marketing? It is a marketing strategy that allows your customers to gather as much information about your products as possible through multiple channels. This also means that you can reach them using all the channels available. You can either use email marketing automation or social media marketing or even both at the same time, it’s all up to you. Now, grabbing hold of the attention of your potential customers is just one click away.

You might be wondering why you should use multi-channel marketing. Well, here’s the thing, with the wide range of channels available, you can reach your customers through email, social media or even text messages. This means you can stay connected with your potential customers anytime, anywhere, in your potential customer’s own convenience.

With all of these channels available, you will have to add another pile of workload, to your already heavy load. How sure are you that you will be able to communicate with your potential customers effectively when you are doing all of these stuff at the same time?

Worry no more, with the help of a sophisticated marketing platform; you will make your centralized multi-channeled marketing automation dream possible.

3 Core Functions To Help You Boost Your Multi-channel Marketing

  1. Manage your Audiencea torso of a woman wearing corporate attire holding and writing on the notebook on her left hand, this is an example of managing customers under the topic muti-channel marketing


    Marketing automation platforms were not able to go through all of the audiences or potential customers from different channels. But now, with the help of multi-channel marketing, your marketing team can define these audiences based on the channel they are connected to.

    Instead of doing the batch-and-blast approach, why not segregate your potential customers by taking note of the changes they made to their preferred channels. Grouping people according to the changes they made in their status. After grouping your potential customers, you can start sending them with emails and messages according to the potential customer’s preference. You can also re-use your potential customers to increase results based on the communication patterns, the user has made.

  2. Get Connected2(two) black and white hands trying to connect 2(two) pink puzzle pieces, this is an example of getting connected to audience under the topic marketing across multiple channels

    After defining your audience, you need to plan for your desired experience to your possible customer by considering your buyer’s interactions.

    To attain this over channels, it is important that a marketing automation platform must support trigger-based responses over channels with the same automation flow.

    This concept may sound simple on the surface, but the technological alignment essential to hold this sophistication needs a careful and deliberate design.

    Simplifying the user interface as it maintains the technological sophistication is complex. This is exactly why many automation platforms still got a long way to go before they will have to truly integrate multi-channel marketing, not outside a central automation engine.

    One example of a multi-channel flow includes the ability to begin an immediate response through email. If the customer has not made a move in their buying criteria, you can start sending them a direct mail piece. This will not take long because now, there are companies that can print and personalize mail messages in a span of 15 minutes, then deliver them that very same day.

    Not only will you be able to connect with your customers through electronic communications, but you can also reach them directly.

  3. Personalizehalf body of a man wearing pink shirt with a tablet on his face, another tablet on his left hand and a laptop on his side with a background of clouds and garden, this is an example of personalization under the topic multi-channel marketing

    A true centralized marketing automation platform will enable you to measure the general audience’s over channels. You can customize your individual user’s involvement with your website, based on their individual activities in real time by using web personalization.

    Web personalization enables you to identify, segment and target each of your visitors with customized messages all over your website which will make your marketing more successful over time.

    This personalization must be mirrored within other marketing channels, but take extra note to not overwhelm your team.

    To reach this level of personalization and make it into a reality, you need to have scalable marketing efforts across the whole platform. You should also reduce your repetitive activities — or better yet, eliminate them. This will make your message more personal and make your customers feel special.

To simply say it, personalize and connect with your customer’s experience across channels without adding a burden to your marketing team by using a marketing automation platform. Don’t have a CRM Singapore software yet? Contact us now!

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