header image of the blog title "Find Out The 5 Benefits of Using Cloud-Based CRM in Singapore" with a nightview shot of buildings beside a bay
header image of the blog title "Find Out The 5 Benefits of Using Cloud-Based CRM in Singapore" with a nightview shot of buildings beside a bay

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Cloud CRM in Singapore

September 19, 2018 CRM Data Management, CRM Software, Customer Brand Awareness, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

Is switching from a regular server-based CRM to a Cloud-based CRM in Singapore? There a lot of in-house CRM systems out there right? Surely these time-tested CRM systems are better for you and your company, right?  Besides, new systems are expensive and if you’re a new business that’s just starting, investing in an expensive software is not economical. There are also security issues, are Cloud-based CRM safe?

If you’re new to adopting CRM Singapore systems into your day to day business operations, you’re probably unaware of the main selling features of cloud-based CRM. Allow us to enlighten you with five reasons why Cloud-based CRM solutions are worth investing in.

6 Reasons Why Cloud-Based CRM Solutions Are Investing In

1. No Installation

Unlike traditional on-premise CRM, CRM systems based on Cloud platform don’t need installation. That’s because CRM systems that utilise remote servers that you can access through the internet. Complex and time-consuming software installation are no longer needed, all you have to do is log-in to the CRM software provider website and voila! You now have access to a CRM tool that can store data, launch automation processes and track your different marketing funnels.

It’s a fast and easy on your part because you won’t need IT experts to come to your company just so you can use your CRM tool properly. The No installation feature of Cloud-based CRM makes it standout amongst installation required CRM systems.

2. Easy Access

Cloud computing technology makes it easy for you to access any data from your CRM software. You can log in anytime and anywhere, while on a business trip in another country, or while riding a train. You can be eating in a restaurant and still have access to your CRM database. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you have internet access, you can view, edit and check-up on your CRM.

And the best part of this is, it’s not just you who can access the system but your employees as well. Cloud-based CRM makes collaboration between different sectors of your business effortless. Find a customer’s contact information, send emails to your prospects, check your click rates, do all these things through your phone, or your laptop or even your tablet. This feature is not something you can get with an on-premise or even a desktop CRM.

3. Affordable Even for Small Businesses

When people hear new technology, they quickly jump to the conclusion that it’s expensive. That isn’t the case with Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management. A CRM system in Singapore that uses cloud costs less than on-premise CRM systems. That’s because CRM system operating in Cloud impose a pay as you go style of payment. You won’t have to worry about license and software fees.

Another good point about the CRM system in Singapore that uses cloud computing technology is that there are no hidden fees of software add-ons that you need to purchase. The monthly rates also make the payments more budget friendly compared to buying a non-cloud based CRM software all in one go.

4. Enhanced Security

One major concern of people with Cloud-based CRM System found in Singapore is security. You are probably like them doubting whether or not to get a cloud-based CRM because of safety reasons. Shockingly, service providers of Cloud-based CRM know the risk of having the database that’s accessible to the internet, that’s why they take more precautions with their CRM system. They take their security seriously, and surprisingly the security system is much higher compared to those provided by average ITs.

Aside from protecting customer data which includes incorporating advance methods like two-step authentication, strong passwords and anti-hacking protection, CRM systems in Singapore also have automatic back-up and multiple recovery plans in case a breach or a system error happens. When a server stops or encounters a problem, a mirror/duplicate server will immediately be launched to ensure a smooth flow of operations. And Cloud-based CRM in Singapore has numerous mirror servers so you can rest at ease knowing that all your customer data are back up by your CRM provider. And your customers can feel assured as well because of their financial data like their bank accounts and credit card information.

5. Flexes To Suit Business Needs

Another high point about Cloud-based CRM systems is that they are flexible and adaptable depending on your business. Unlike physical software which you have to buy as a whole, CRM systems that use cloud mould and adapt depending on your need. Don’t need a thousand contacts, because you only have around three-hundred, no problem you can customise your payment plan to downsize the features. Plus, you payment also lessens, and if ever you end up needing a thousand contact list in the future, you can upgrade your system without having to switch to another provider.

Aside from your contact list, you can also customise what other features you want to incorporate into your CRM system. The choice is yours to make. And just like the contact list, you can upgrade your CRM system with bigger, better and innovative CRM system without having to change to another provider.

6. Enhanced Compatibility

Software compatibility is critical when incorporating any technology into your business. Cloud-based CRM found in the market today are designed to be compatible with other applications like Microsoft Office products and Open Office. Stand-alone products often have compatibility issues the last thing you want is a software that can’t open your files or any of your important documents.

Compatibility to other applications is key to making sure your CRM system lasts long and don’t cause problems for you and your team. Aside from being compatible with existing products in the market Cloud CRM systems are also being optimised to accept and fit in with newer apps which will be potentially launched in the market.

For any inquiries about CRM features of Cloud-based CRM, there are a lot of CRM consulting services present in Singapore. CRM consultants not only explain how CRM systems work but they’ll also help you use your CRM software to its full potential.

Final Thoughts

Cloud-based CRM systems can be the most advanced CRM software in the market, at the same time they can also be the most affordable CRM tool you can use in your business. Cloud-based CRM requires little to no hassle to install, update and upgrade. And maintenance and security are handled by your CRM providers. With all these benefits it’s clear why Cloud-based CRM is being used more and more by small or even major business. And if you want advanced CRM technology that you can access even from your smartphone, then it’s time you switch to cloud-based CRM.

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