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header image of the blog title "Teach Your CRM Managers 4 Different Ways To Deal With Customers" with an over-the-shoulder shot of 3 person discussing a plan with a laptop on a table

4 Ways To Deal With Customers That You Should Teach Your Team and CRM Manager

June 19, 2018 CRM Data Management, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

With today’s unpredictable array of customers, CRM manager and moreover administrators like you need to be ready when complaints from customers come at your door. Arming your CRM staff with the knowledge on how to deal with different customer types is key to giving excellent customer service.

“A Customer is always right” “A Customer Satisfaction is Our Main Goal” “Customers are the boss of our business” You hear these words commonly said by businesses nowadays, it shows just how vital the role of a customer is to any company. Having a customer walk happily out of your store is a feat in itself. It’s not easy to make people happy, and even with the best CRM Singapore software, most CRM managers still find it difficult to please every customer they encounter. So, how do you teach your team handling CRM services to interact with each customer correctly? The key is getting to know the different generic type of clients you can have and how they are most likely to react when product or service failure happens.

The Four Types of Customers You Are Likely To Meet

1. The Dominant

Dominant customers are assertive and will try to show you that they are bosses (ergo dominant). They can be demanding and will want salespersons to attend to them as soon as they step foot in your business. Now, when they hand-out a complaint things can get pretty stressful for people thrust to face them. Since they are dominant, they will be uncooperative and downright stubborn, they will try to dictate the terms and conditions. They usually say things like “I want to see the manager!” “If you don’t fix this problem, you’ll hear from my lawyer!”

How to deal with them:

  • Give tangible results – they need concrete results, a clear solution to their problem. Do not leave them hanging, if you can give them fast results then do so.
  • Show them they’re in control – they being dominant like to be pushy, so learning to please them will result in you gaining their trust in the long run. Update them often on any progress concerning their problem that way you are telling them that they are in control of the situation. Do not try to assert your authority with dominant types because that will only result in an argument
  • Save their time – give them evidence that their time is not being wasted waiting for a result that isn’t going to push through.

2. The Influencer

These are the type of people are usually the over-eager, impulsive, somewhat manipulative. They are good with words and they will use this to their advantage when they step into your company. Dealing with these customers when they file a complaint won’t be easy, as stated earlier they are good at verbal arguments.

How to deal with them:

  • Make it quick – respond to their complaint immediately and don’t leave them hanging. Deliver fast results if you can, that way they can be easily satisfied.
  • Be spirited in explaining – don’t let them scare you with their verbal arguments, give a spirited and direct explanation full of facts and then get to work solving the issue.
  • Affirm them – let them know that you heard them and that yes they are the customer so you will attend to them. They need that pat in the back to reassure their ego.
  • Assure them Effort is not wasted – no one likes wasting time and energy, so assure them that you are not, one wasting their time, and two not wasting their efforts.

3. The Recessive

Customers who are recessive tend to be shy and quiet. They don’t like bothering people, and they are embarrassed by having to complain about something. They usually do not voice out their problems but when they do they are hesitant, submissive and somewhat apologizing even. These are the type of customers who walk to a store, look around on their own and don’t ask a lot of questions most of the time.

How to deal with them:

  • Assure them – tell them that the problem will be fixed and give them the facts as to when and how it will be fixed.
  • Guarantee A no hassle fix – make sure they are relaxed and not in constant worry about the product or service they bought. Make the whole experience as pleasant as possible.
  • Show commitment – give your full commitment to helping them through the problem, and do not just brush them off because they are kind. Do everything to establish trust and relationship with them.

4. The Smarty Pants

The intelligent people who come into your store fully armed with knowledge, they know what they are doing and would detect right away if you are ignorant about what you are offering. Dealing with them can be as tricky as with dominant and influencers.

How to deal with them:

  • Deliver Clear facts – do not bluff, do not try to steer their impatience and agitation with false information. Be honest and direct, explaining each detail correctly.
  • Appreciate them – show acknowledgment of their knowledge, give them a pat on the back they deserve it for knowing more than you.
  • Help them Save face – should in any time they mess up with their details do not say I told you so, instead focus on fixing the problem and help them save their pride. You’ll find that earning their trust grants you an avid promoter of your product.

Earn their Trust

Even the top CRM systems or the most advanced CRM programs will not prepare you for unpredictable customers. The good thing is you have an Infusionsoft CRM database at your advantage, classify your customers according to how they react and interact with you that way you can quickly come up with solutions to their problems. Work your hardest earning their trust because studies show that clients who passed through an ordeal pleasantly are more loyal compared to those who never faced a problem.

CRM manager and administrators need to be vigilant in handling customers, arming your team with the correct attitude and strategies in facing customer complaints will help you gain more customers instead of losing them. Aim for that long-term relationship and don’t settle for anything less.

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