header image of the blog title "Find Out The 8 Traits You Need That A CRM Vendor Won't Tell You" and an overhead shot of two agreeing and shaking hands with laptops on a wooden surface
header image of the blog title "Find Out The 8 Traits You Need That A CRM Vendor Won't Tell You" and an overhead shot of two agreeing and shaking hands with laptops on a wooden surface

8 Personality Traits Your Team Needs To Have That A CRM Vendor Won’t Tell You

June 19, 2018 CRM Data Management, Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

What most CRM vendor tells you is how great their product is, and how it can help change your business’s future. But, delivering excellent customer service don’t depend on having the best CRM Singapore software alone, having the right traits for the job goes further than a computer program. No matter how great your CRM system is if your customer service team are rude or don’t know how to interact with customers then you will end up losing them instead of gaining them.

Traits Your CRM Vendor Won’t Tell You

With the customer service and CRM industry, comes the proper and desirable traits that are crucial to keeping customers coming back to your business over and over again. We summed it up for you into eight traits, equipping your CRM team with these will help you turn your customer service from unnoticeable to outstanding.


a piled stones and 2 hands balancing stones on the right side of the picture, this is one of the traits crm vendor want crm team to have
Patience – 8 Personality Traits Your Team Needs To Have

Even with the top CRM systems around, the lack of patience on your staff’s part will cause problems. Patience is key to any business. Being patient with a customer who can’t organize his or her thoughts will not only boost your service points. It will make them feel that you see them as human beings and not walking money pouches. Having patience in closing deal even if you are under high pressure and stress. Learning to keep emotions at bay and remaining calm while entertaining a grump customer goes a long way. And in training your team, highlighting the importance of this trait will make teaching the other traits easier.


black and white image of a person's hand holding another hand passionately, this is an example of empathy traits crm team should have
Empathy – 8 Personality Traits Your Team Needs To Have

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle creates taxing dilemmas for any buyer; it shortens people’s patience span from an hour to just a few minutes. So, what does this have to do with empathy? Having the empathy to understand your customer’s frustration means that you get where his or her anger is coming from. You put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and feel their annoyance when your product fails to deliver a specific feature or when they can’t set up a particular add-on. You will learn to respond quickly to their complains because you always have this question in mind “How do I want to be treated as a customer?”

Even the best CRM software for a small business will not equip your team with this trait; this is something you engrain into their system.


2 persons wearing corporate attires and shaking hands in the center with 3 persons watching in the background, this is one of the example of adaptability trait crm vendor fail to tell crm team
Adaptability – 8 Personality Traits Your Team Needs To Have

Most CRM vendors in Singapore will market their product as flexible or adaptable to any situation, the same should be said of your customer service team. They have to be flexible to face any case whether it be a whinny customer or a serious complaint about a product malfunction. With a more diversified customer market brought by the internet, your team must be ready to adapt to any scenario that comes. This trait also plays a great deal in the ways you help a customer with a problem, what works for one customer may not work for another. So, learning to create new approaches for different customers will help you gain that coveted best customer service standing.


a woman facing in front wearing a corporate attire and holding a laptop with colorful puzzle pieces in the background
Reliability – 8 Personality Traits Your Team Needs To Have

You have the solution to the problem about your product, but the question is, does it work? CRM programs help you communicate faster with your clients by creating a bridge where no bridge has been, but things will get nasty when the message you relay doesn’t fix anything. Customers what a reliable and efficient service they can count on. Correct fixes and efficient products go way beyond great after service complains management. After all, a product problem that has an immediate working fix beats out an hour-long relay of information that doesn’t fix anything.

Product Mastery

over-the-shoulder shot of a person facing a laptop and a woman in front wearing a green shirt while facing a black laptop
Product Mastery – 8 Personality Traits Your Team Needs To Have

You can’t fix something you don’t know, and you can’t talk about a product you do not know. An in-depth and thorough knowledge about the product you sell assures people that you have a full grasp of what is going on. You don’t want your team to sound ignorant, do you? Customers look to your customer service team for support and vital information about your product, and if your staff answers a customer with “I don’t know” then your business will look unprofessional. Before you even think of putting your team out into the vast world market make sure that they know everything they need to know about the product.


lines alternately colored in black and white
Consistency – 8 Personality Traits Your Team Needs To Have

The service you give during your before sales should be the same as your after sales service. How you deal with your customer the first time he or she enquired about your product should be the same as when he or she inquires for the fiftieth time. Having consistency in your way of dealing with your customers makes sure that you are committed to giving your best. Your team needs to understand that having consistency in any work lets you attain good results. So, never mind if one of your customers still asks the same question after the tenth purchase, what matters most is the fact that they bought from you again.


a woman climbing a cliff without ropes
Perseverance – 8 Personality Traits Your Team Needs To Have

The drive to keep pushing even if everyone else has given up is a trait that the best have always upheld. Learning to keep on going even if it seems that all you get are grumpy customers will pay off big time in the long run. Teach your team the value of looking at the end of the destination and not the obstacles along the way. Even if a sale is turning a head dive if your team is goal oriented, then they will succeed. In the gritty world of business, having perseverance gets you farther than you imagine.

Sense of Responsibility

5 persons sitting and discussing in a room with laptops, notebooks and coffee cups on a wooden table, this is an example of sense of responsibility trait crm team should have
Sense of Responsibility – 8 Personality Traits Your Team Needs To Have

Last but not the least, teach your team the value of responsibility. When they are dealing with a client remind them of the sense of ownership. The problems their clients have is also their problem. Be responsible enough to care about the feedbacks and complains your clients have. If a certain fix fails miserably, then you should face the consequences and offer alleviation to the outcomes, financial wise or reputation-wise.

An Infusionsoft CRM vendor may hand you a great product, but how that product works and the results it gives your company depends on you and your team. Don’t expect your CRM system to do everything if your team is unprofessional then you can’t very well expect a good result no matter what program CRM vendors sell. Ingenuity starts from within and not from your peers or your surrounding; it begins with you.

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