a blog title "5 Benefits Cloud-Based CRM Offers Your Business" with men standing wearing black suit while doing high five
a blog title "5 Benefits Cloud-Based CRM Offers Your Business" with men standing wearing black suit while doing high five

5 Benefits Cloud-Based CRM Offers Your Business

February 22, 2019 CRM Software, infusionsoft by Keap, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms 0 Comments

Ever wondered why Cloud-based CRM is making big waves in the industry? What makes online systems more user-centric than in-house one? As a businessman, it’s imperative that you take a different perspective when it comes to tools that aid your business. Find out the five benefits that online CRM gives you and your business.


Why are businesses turning to CRM that’s cloud-based?

Technology is utilized in business is like the times; it’s ever changing and evolving. In the early stage of CRM software, in house systems were all the rage but as the world became more and more connected having a fixed system was no longer the best option.

Imagine you’re on a business trip, you’re probably attending the latest conference on increasing ROI or employee productivity. You’re employee suddenly calls and informs you of a problem with a certain customer. Because your CRM system is in-house, you resort to asking your team about every detail that you can get. You invest more time and effort on figuring out the cause of the problem than you do with the conference you’re attending. Instead of spending only a small time fixing the problem you spend hours.

Now, how about this scenario? Instead of you have no clue whatsoever, you open your laptop and see all the interaction that has happened. Within a few minutes, you can come up with a solution to the problem: no hassle, no panic attacks and no prolonged customer issue.

One of the main advantages of a cloud-based CRM is its accessibility; you can check all information on your Customer Relationship Management system from anywhere. You can on vacation lounging in a hotel with your family, or on an island hopping experience and still have access to your data. All you need with a cloud-based system is the internet.

This accessibility is one of the main reasons why so many businesses are preferring a CRM system that’s cloud-based. Below are other benefits you get from opting to use a Cloud-based system than an in-house one.

It’s Cheap

Compared to tradition in-house buy the software and the license method, cloud base systems are cheaper. The pay for the services only method of cloud-based systems cut the cost for users because essentially you’re just paying to use the product not own it. Since you don’t own the software, you won’t be responsible for maintenance, upgrades and other technical aspects it.

You can say it’s similar to you renting a house. The amount a renter pays for staying at the place is small in comparison to the money used to build it. Plus, maintenance and renovations are all shouldered by the landlord, not the renter.

It’s Safe

One of the disadvantages of cloud-based CRM that sceptics point out is security. Since CRM are located on the internet, people immediately assume that it can easily get hack. But, in reality, Cloud-based services have very complicated security systems that protect all data stored from hackers and malicious activities. They have expert staff guarding their databases which makes hacking their systems very hard.

Non-cloud systems, on the other hand, require you have your web developer team to safeguard all your databases from any external threats. It’s not a problem if you have highly skilled employees in your helm, but what if you don’t? Your client’s personal information is at stake.

It’s Accessible

Another main CRM benefits for business of a cloud-based system is its accessibility. As illustrated in the example earlier, you can easily access your database from any that has an internet connection without much hassle. You can access your CRM system in Singapore from any device, no matter what day or time. You won’t be restrained by being forced to keep a certain computer unit always protected because it houses your CRM system.

This non-dependency to one or multiple units is a big advantage of Cloud-based CRM that makes it stand out as a best CRM platform for small businesses. The open-endedness leaves a big room for a widespread yet centralised database that all your key people and you can tap into. Think of this scenario; your sales team requires valuable information about a certain client.

The team leader needs to pass through multiple channels, reach a specific computer unit and interact with more people from the customer relations team so it can get the data he/she needs. Now, if your company was using a CRM that’s Cloud-based, he/she can just log in to the database from anywhere even the comfort room and retrieve the information needed. No unnecessary channels, no extra interactions, and most importantly no delays.       

It’s Up to Date

Software located within a cloud has all the connection to needed activities that make upgrading its functionality easier. You won’t need to manually update your CRM or wait for companies distributing your licensed software to add more features. Cloud companies provide regular updates and upgrades to their CRM which takes the burden of doing it yourself from you.

Companies were implementing the updates themselves also removes certain hassles from crappy updates since they receive real-time data of everything they implement. It avoids scenarios of people implementing the update and overlooking errors and malware because they do the implementation themselves.                                                                                      

It’s 3rd Party Integrated

One problem that most closed systems face is an incompatibility with newer third-party apps. As more and more applications, add ons, plugins are created companies who have rigorous code systems find it hard to adapt. The persistent problem of forcing customers to patronise only their products also make it a big feat to allow their outputs to be the third party compatible.

With Cloud-based companies, these issues with compatibility and integration are addressed. Companies who rent out their software know that it’s vital for their products to be adaptable and usable with other online applications. You can be an island in the world of internet, and companies are learning how to transform their services from one island into an archipelago connected to different applications online.


Final Thoughts

CRM systems in Singapore, like the country, need to be adaptable to different business needs, and Cloud-based software is making that possible. They bridge gaps between third-party apps and your CRM. They made their product budget friendly, accessible and protected without requiring you to do the heavy work. In the long run, CRM systems like Infusionsoft by Keap have built their platforms to be more about your needs and less about the profit gains.

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