header image of the blog title "How do Businesses Maintain Humanity in the World of Marketing Automation?" with a background image of a green field with a man in a corporate attire sitting on a swivel chair extending his arms
header image of the blog title "How do Businesses Maintain Humanity in the World of Marketing Automation?" with a background image of a green field with a man in a corporate attire sitting on a swivel chair extending his arms

How do Businesses Maintain Humanity in the World of Marketing Automation?

September 8, 2017 Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

Marketing automation business is a huge part of online marketing. It’s just how people do business nowadays. It is present in all parts of the buying process when it is implemented properly.

For an enterprise of any size, efforts help scale beyond the limits of your resources and staff. Whether you are just taking your efforts to the next level or just starting out, having a well-defined message and objectives is the first step.

Before continuing on, it is worth to consider the bad side of marketing automation. Marketing automation can leave somebody with a bad taste in their mouth from the start.

A customer expects an email from a human being and is met with a generic, non-personalized message, this leads to a negative experience with your business.

One of the things I hate that exist on the internet is LinkedIn’s automated messages saying “Congratulations on your work anniversary!”. These well-intended notifications are not just annoying, they make me lose interest in talking to the person sending it. As you compose your messages, make sure it will resonate beyond people who sit around the table.

How To Keep The Human Touch in the Marketing Automation Process

1. Make sure that your customers have enough ways to self-identity.

a man wearing a corporate attire extending his right arm forward holding a card with a text "self-identity", this is the first example of marketing automation business strategy

So what are your customer archetypes? For me, the new startup entrepreneurs, old businessmen, or friends of your business. If you want to go a layer deeper, ask them in which stage are they in putting up their business or what are the problems in their operations. You won’t have a lot of chances to obtain information like this so you better be sure to distill what you are looking to find out about your leads in the signup forms they fill out.

2. Go through the process of segmenting your email lists.

an open cellphone with a blue screen and white envelopes on it with a text "1 New Message", this is the second example of email marketing segmentation

Having a signup form on your site is a missed opportunity to learn things from your customers. When it comes to communicating with them, personalizing the message based on the type of person will lead to higher conversions and email open rates. Make sure that your customers feel cared for.

3. Give your customers an opt-out option.

a girl wearing white shirt extending her right arms forward giving a stop sign using her hand, this is one of the example of marketing automation process

There is nothing much worse than sending out emails to cold leads. Having an email list of people who have already unsubscribe is pointless. You should focus more on the people who want to hear from you. You never have to create a negative experience by communicating with people who have decided to move out of your brand. This is okay and it is not your fault. There is also no good reason to keep them on your mailing list.

4. Get your customers out of a marketing cycle once they complete certain milestones.

a guy sitting on a chair staring at his laptop screen looking annoyed

It’s both annoying and embarrassing to continue pitching to people when they have already said a yes or no at an earlier time. By setting your automation triggers to turn off the retargeting campaign or the drip email sequence when someone has already converted will improve chances that your customers will repurchase since you don’t annoy them.

5. Give your customers a moment to breathe.

a sideview of a brunette girl wearing white shirt in the garden inhaling air


Attention is the oxygen of online marketing and content marketers are eager to capitalize at any moment leads start to know about their brand. While it is true that automated emails are nice, there is a good effect in sending it hours, days or weeks later depending on what your product is or what you are offering. If a customer interacts with you on a Friday night then it is best to send the follow-up email on a Monday morning than on a weekend.

6. You should be consistent all throughout the customer journey.

a led with arrow signs leading right

If you spend a ton of time and resources to deliver your marketing, then you need to be very detailed with your message. Just with the possibilities of the signup forms and preference page, you now need to create forms and landing pages for your customers. Make a well-tailored success page which speaks to them the same way the opt-in page did. What all is put in place, do you want to send them to another generic page or the one that celebrates their decision to purchase?

7. Try to put yourself through your own sales funnel.

a man wearing a blue polo and woman wearing a blue dress discussing with each other facing the laptop screen inside a cafe

You can ask for your team’s feedback on what they think about your email marketing campaigns. Now, with all the possible configurations out there, it is easy to transfer to another aspect of the automation before closing the loop on another. Putting more time on production mode will yield greater rewards when the campaigns are launched. Marketing automation can take your company to new levels along with some good and bad unexpected consequences. By sticking to your plan, your customers will delight in the experience with your brand.

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