header image of the blog title "Convert Leads By Using Marketing Automation And Doing These 3 Simple Steps" with the background of an open laptop and a graph analytics on screen.
header image of the blog title "Convert Leads By Using Marketing Automation And Doing These 3 Simple Steps" with the background of an open laptop and a graph analytics on screen.

Convert Leads by using Marketing Automation and Doing these 3 Simple Steps

September 14, 2017 Lead Nurturing, Lead Nurturing Programs, Marketing, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

Marketing Automation gives startups and small businesses a fighting chance to convert leads. If it is just your small in-house marketing team vs. a large corporation, then you will burn most of your resources by trying to keep up with your bigger competitions.

A marketing automation tool allows you to manage your time more efficiently by automating the tasks you tell it to do. This amplifies your marketing strategy enabling you to reach more people with your content and thus converting more leads into customers. This frees up a ton of time so you can then allocate more time for you to evaluate and make changes to your marketing campaigns. Marketing automation software also gives a ton of useful analytics data so that you can make better, data-based marketing decisions.

How To Convert Leads Into Customers

Here are the three steps that will help you how to convert leads into customers with Marketing Automation:

1. Create a database.a guy wearing a blue shirt and red bonnet writing on a whiteboard using his right hand, this is an example of creating a database using marketing automation

Businesses used to work with leads and contact information. This has made the process of converting a total shot in the dark since it used to be very hard to tell leads from each other.

Marketing automation arms you with a ton of useful information regarding your leads. Use this to your advantage and create a database of your leads and paying customers.

Marketing automation can help you determine which language style works best with your different audience segments, and which audiences are more likely to purchase certain products than others. It also tells you when your customers are most likely to purchase your products.

Now if you don’t know what audience segments are, or email list segmentation, we have a short article about it here.

It can also help you understand where you might be losing customers in your sales funnel. So why do potential customers abandon their shopping carts? How do you give out more incentives to complete the purchase and drive more conversions?

The first step is all about collecting information, and that is what marketing automation does for you.

2. Measure everything.a ruler, pen and calculator place on a white surface, this is an example of checking the metrics before making a marketing decision

Once you have a customer and lead database, you can now start to pick which metrics you look at to make your marketing decisions and make changes to your campaigns. As stated earlier, you can even pinpoint the stage in your sales funnel in which you lose the most potential customers. Using this information, you can fix the leak in your sales funnel.

3. Test out your new strategy.an overhead shot of a man writing on a whiteboard using his right hand, this is an example of testing out new marketing automation strategy

Evaluating your marketing campaign regularly is vital when it comes to implementing marketing automation. One change in a trend with your niche can have a big impact on your marketing efforts, so it’s best to make changes to adapt to your the nature of your business.

This works well when you isolate a variable, like an email click-through rate for example. When you test many different metrics at once, it is very difficult to see the impact of the tweaks/improvements you make to your marketing campaigns.

If you are basing your decisions on analytics data, then you will see great results with your marketing campaigns, and this will give you greater rewards compared to doing things without data as a basis. Is your business already using CRM Singapore software? You can contact us and we’ll be glad to walk you through the benefits of using Infusionsoft CRM and how it can help your business.

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