header image of the blog title "Increase Your Lead Scoring By Avoiding These Social CRM Mistakes" with a background sideview shot of hands typing on a laptop's keyboard with white connected man icons on different places on a map
header image of the blog title "Increase Your Lead Scoring By Avoiding These Social CRM Mistakes" with a background sideview shot of hands typing on a laptop's keyboard with white connected man icons on different places on a map

How You Can Be Better At Lead Scoring By Dodging These Social CRM Blunders

May 18, 2018 Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing Programs, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing, Social Media 0 Comments

With the boom of social media, people are hasty in integrating it into their strategies, after all, who doesn’t like high lead scoring? The fastest way to get attention from this mixed generation is through social media. But you shouldn’t dive into this whole gaga for social CRM so fast. First, you have to be aware of the mistakes people commit when they start their lead generation strategy on social media sites. 

Lead Scoring Best Practices

Close more sales and learn the best practices in lead scoring to start your lead generation strategy.

Not Supporting the Company’s Goals

As a newbie in using social media, you should take into account and remember that your social media posts must mirror your company’s goals. If your brand sells organic products and stand by the belief that GMOs aren’t good, you shouldn’t post about benefits of chemicals, or using pesticides. Your posts should be about the benefits of organic products or maybe how organic products are good for your skin.

Straying Away From Clear Metrics

Your social CRM success depends on having clear metrics, this is to monitor if your posts are helping your team in their lead generation marketing and lead nurturing strategies. If it’s doing damage instead of helping, it’s time you set up clear standards that you follow through. Have a clear and achievable goal in your posts for your social media accounts, and don’t go on a posting rampage just because you think it looks cool or trendy.

Forgetting to Link the social CRM to existing CRM Programs

Let’s say you start a social media account and it draws attention, you, of course, become happy. The question is, did you link your social CRM to your existing CRM programs? What’s the use of your social CRM if it can’t 1. help you raise your lead scoring 2. help your CRM and marketing. It’s a complete waste of time if you don’t link the two.

Not Integrating Social Media Community to the Marketing Programs

You have established a strong social community with your informative and relevant posts, but then you don’t influence or convince them to buy your product. You post all about the benefits of going organic but not once did you mention what you sell. It’s that a complete waste of time and effort right? You have attracted the attention of a large group of people, it’s time you integrate them into your marketing programs. Draw them into your sales funnel and marketing and turn your leads into loyal customers. Remember you are not using social media to become a celebrity, but you are using it for the sake of garnering more leads.

Not Using Existing Resources and Initiatives

Your social CRM should be a supplement or aid for your marketing strategy don’t start using new resources when you have a stockroom full of your old resources. Not only is it waste of time but also money and resources. Be resourceful if you have a towering database to choose from use, use it! Don’t let it rot in one corner collecting spider webs and dust.

Your Social CRM should be designed to boost your already existing CRM Singapore software as well as your automation software. Knowing its purpose and use will allow you to tap into its full potential. Let it help you garner more leads and increase lead scoring instead of bringing your marketing strategy down. Don’t have a CRM software yet? Contact us now! We’ll be glad to walk you through the benefits of using Infusionsoft CRM and how it can help your business.

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