header image of the blog title "Debunking 7 Myths About Marketing Automation For Small Businesses" with a background sideview shot of a woman sewing
header image of the blog title "Debunking 7 Myths About Marketing Automation For Small Businesses" with a background sideview shot of a woman sewing

Debunking Seven Common Myths About Marketing Automation That Can Hurt Small Businesses

August 11, 2017 Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

Everyone is currently raving about how marketing automation for small businesses has been revolutionizing the entire online marketing landscape. You may have heard several rumors about marketing automation— like how useless and bad it is for your business, or how difficult it is to manage and how it can get you into unwanted trouble. However, despite all the criticism, marketing automation is still innately amazing for your business. A lot of businesses are already aware of marketing automation, yet still, refuse to incorporate it into their marketing strategy.

Most marketers have already heard stories about how poorly implemented marketing automation campaign can lead to failure and errors. However, despite all these beliefs, it still doesn’t mean the entire process is any less necessary for your business. So before you start believing in these bluffs, take a moment to read these 5 marketing automation Myths.

Myth #1: The One & Done

This myth is a common belief that marketers are abusing marketing automation and are leaving supposedly engaged visitor responses— hanging, leaving them disappointed and seeking other businesses.

The reason why it’s considered a myth is that marketing automation can’t do the magic on its own. It needs a constant amount of care, nourishment, and awareness to work effectively. A lot of companies are spending less on paying attention to the state of their marketing campaign automation and think that it can do all the work on its own. This isn’t the case. Instead, it will give detrimental results towards your marketing goals. Marketing automation isn’t the alpha of your entire marketing campaign. It only serves as a supplement to your overall sales strategy. Incorporating automation will allow you to strategize the path. To simply put it, marketing automation isn’t something that you can set and forget. It needs attention and proper management.

Always remember that potential customers are always leaning towards engaging with brands that are not snobs and will also engage back. If your marketing strategy is composed of posting thought-provoking content, yet you are not responding to your target audience’s thoughts, you’re simply provoking them.

Myth #2: Marketing Automation Is Just Email Marketing

Most business marketers would think, “what exactly does automation have to offer, really? It’s just a bunch of overrated email marketing software. I don’t need them.”

First of all, email marketing is only a part of marketing automation. Marketers create an email marketing strategy that they will use to send out relevant messages and information to their target audience. By automating your email marketing, you can enjoy the following benefits of email marketing:

  • Create target-specific emails
  • Automate email sends and follow-ups
  • Create unique email templates
  • Email segmentation
  • Content creation for newsletters
  • & more

Second, any marketing task that requires constant repetition can now be automated. This means social media posting and responding to your clients will be easier and more efficient than before. Small businesses can unify their entire marketing into a single and cohesive plan for each of their prospects and leads.

A marketing automation platform creates action-triggered strategies for leads, making sure that they receive appropriate email follow-ups depending on how they interact with your business. With a capable marketing automation software, you will no longer waste time on entertaining low-quality leads and instead nurture the relevant ones tailored for each of their preference. Instead of blasting your leads with the same emails, marketing automation can track how customers react to emails, sending out appropriate email follow-ups for different customer groups. This process ensures you are not losing potential customers by sending out inappropriate emails.

Finally, marketing automation lets you create dynamic emails and landing pages, all depending on how your leads interact with your offers. For example, online stores like eBay and Amazon always show personalized recommendations. By acquiring the right software, small businesses and business marketers can have a similar approach to their email marketing and be on par with bigger companies. So with that being said, marketing automation is not just about glorified email marketing, it gives you the option to automate your emails and acquire more customers with relevant email content.

Myth #3: Marketing Automation Is For Lazy People

Some people believe that marketing automation is a lazy approach to managing your email campaigns or content publishing.

Lazy approach towards marketing automation only ruins your entire marketing campaign.  Quality marketing automation takes time and effort, however, the fruit of all your hard work is sweet when you see some improvements in your business.

Marketing Automation is just the tip of the iceberg of your entire marketing strategy. You cannot just sit back and relax if you want quality marketing automation.

What you’re supposed to do is to be aware of what you are saying at all times across all of your marketing areas. You also need to consider how your content could affect your company. Just think about leaving someone a voicemail. If that someone calls back and all they get is a disconnected dial tone, they are going to be offended no matter what.

This simply means that you need to pay attention to every detail you put in your marketing campaign because if done half-heartedly, it could bite you back.

Myth #4: Automation Is Only For Robots

Some people believe that marketing automation is way too impersonal and often marketers would sound like robots— insincere and fake.

There is a sad truth behind this myth, BUT, this one should be credited to the bad marketers. A lot of companies nowadays don’t even consider taking the time to sound personal – much less natural, when making their offers. They are satisfied with just sending recorded emails, calls, or personal messages, sounding like they are reading a very long script.

It should be the other way around. People want to talk with humans, not robots si make them feel that way.

The good thing about this is that today, business owners and marketers are looking for ways to make their marketing automation campaign as personalized as possible.

Myth #5: All Spam, Zero Glam

Last but not the least, this myth is the belief that marketing automation is just another form of spam.

The reason why this is considered a myth is that while most companies choose marketing automation in this manner, it doesn’t mean you can simplify the entire process to a single negative use. Also, let’s change the way we look at spam. Spam is considered spam not because it showed up in a person’s inbox without prior warning, but because it is simply irrelevant. In the end, if your content doesn’t make any sense to your target audience, it is not worth sending to their inbox as it will only annoy them

Using marketing automation, you can provide information to your prospects based on their personalities, their likes, and their overall impressions of your business. Basically, marketing automation is an opportunity for you to engage with your prospects in a conversational manner, while also guiding them through the entire sales funnel.

Automation is also important because businesses that utilize it in nurturing their prospects experience a whopping 451% rise in qualified leads. If you can guide your leads where the most qualified prospects make it through the entire sales funnel, you’re well on your way towards succeeding in your marketing efforts.

Let us not forget that, marketing automation, is a two-way process, which means, your prospect allowed you, to send them an email because they found your content relevant.

Myth #6: If you Automate your Marketing, a Marketing Strategy will no longer be needed.

Contrary to popular belief, marketing automation doesn’t make your marketing autonomous and independent. Yes, marketing automation can be a fantastic tool to boost your online marketing, but keep in mind that it only serves as a supplement to your entire marketing strategy. So if you think that it’s a complete substitute for your marketing campaign, then you need to reset that thinking. Marketing automation is a great time saver, but it can also be used for customer engagement and increased up-sell opportunities.  

Marketing – with or without automation – still requires a human factor. A marketing automation software can make marketing a lot better. Automation can collect and generate information and results for your business. It improves the marketing campaign for small businesses by providing relevant tools to make the operation more efficient. Marketing automation makes it easier to utilize tools and strategies like A/B testing, action-triggered marketing, and so much more.

Myth #7: Marketing Automation Is Only For Big Businesses

Majority of small businesses are under the belief that marketing automation is only for the big and well-established companies. Because most marketing automation platforms are high priced, most small business and individual marketers are hesitant to acquire one. Most would even prefer getting automation once they’ve already progressed into a bigger company. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Any company who is looking to improve their lead conversion and customer retention should consider marketing automation. With an automation software in their hands, they can control every aspect of their marketing endeavors. Having marketing automation also lets them develop effective strategies catered towards bringing in more customers and raising overall revenue. Small businesses in particular often suffer from a  slower marketing approach, which is all the more reason for them to acquire a marketing automation software.

Despite its cost, the effectiveness of having marketing automation to smoothen out marketing operations makes it a very reasonable investment. What’s more is that most marketing automation platforms feature several options that are tailored towards smaller companies, enabling them to see bigger and better results without having to do things manually.

Marketing Automation Is Also For Small Businesses

If you’re a small business who’s still having doubts about marketing automation, it’s time you change your impression with this incredibly innovative and revolutionary tool. Small businesses also benefit from marketing automation, and with the right approach and strategies, it can bring the same advantages as other big-name companies. Marketing Automation is simply a tool, and it sure is not the shortcut to success. Remember that marketing automation is just a piece of far a greater picture, and it requires a constant level of care and attention in order to succeed.

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